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Alright, I confess. Melbourne certainly doesn’t need another foodblogger, especially an Asian one. I had been toying with the idea of starting one, following the footsteps of my bestest fakebf fatbooo, and finally got down to doing it. Consider my new year’s resolution for 2013 done and dusted.

The Angmoh and I visited Kaprica for reunion diner. It was a toss-up between pizza, Chinese and Indian. I was glad The Angmoh chose Pizza amongst the 3 choices as I had been hoping to dine at Kaprica, after hearing how much Winston and Daisy enjoyed their food at this hidden Italian restaurant.

Kaprica is located at the south side of Lincoln Square, quietly tucked away from the park. I was delighted by its charming and quaint appearance and no apparent signage. The restaurant stretches inwards, and invites you into its cosy intimate embrace. As you enter, dainty pastries are displayed to whet your appetite and a long pristine bench displays the ingredients that might colour your pizza.

IMG_2739 IMG_2741

The menu is simple. A few entrees, a reasonable selection of pizzas and a pasta special beckons. The Angmoh was torn between a few of the pizzas and asked if he could have a ‘Half and Half’. The look of horror on the Italian waitress’s face was classic and absolutely to my delight. We finally decided to share an entree and 2 pizzas.


Caprese with buffalo mozzarella $16

Caprese boasted of everything Italian: buffalo mozzarella, baby Roma tomatoes and basil. The cheese was simply lovely: it was delicate and chewy, unlike any of that plastic beige crap you might get the supermarket. The tomatoes were sweet and just bursting with flavour. It was a good start.

The Angmoh decided to have the Salami Calypso, while I chose the Salsiccia. Though I am generally not a fan of Salami (and most cured meats), I had a tiny nibble of The Angmoh’s pizza. The salami was salty, and paired very nicely with the zesty pesto. The Angmoh liked his pizza, although he did wish for a bit more heat.

(Top) Salami Calypso: tomato, mozzarella, pesto, hot salami $18
(Bottom) Salsiccia: tomato, mozzerella, pork and fennel sausage $18

The Salsiccia was lovely. The sausages tasted and appeared home-made: their rustic little shapes full of sweet porkiness with the occasional fennel cutting through. I enjoyed every bite of my pizza, especially when the hidden bits of chopped chilli resulted in little bursts of heat in my mouth.

Tiramisu $9

I couldn’t go past Tiramisu at an authentic Italian restaurant. It was light and not too sweet, certainly a good ending to an already fantastic meal.

In a suburb laden with greasy “Shitalian”, Kaprica is a gem providing authentic Italian pizzas. And the best part is, you won’t be hustled to dine at their establishment.



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9 responses to “Kaprica

  1. The pizzas do look good!Hahaha Shitalian.. love it!

  2. cheezyk

    Oh my goodness, it’s the famous fakegf! So nice to finally “meet” you. (Okay, please read that in a non-creepy way coz looking back at it I can see how it could be taken wrongly 🙂 ). I have to say, I’ve found Caprese to be pretty hit and miss in Melbourne but that one looks amazing … I do believe I will have to add this place to my ‘to visit’ list.

    • I haven’t really had many Caprese salads in Melbourne, but I do think Kaprica does a good version of it. The use of good quality ingrediets is the key factor in a salad like this, and they definitely use good stuff =)

  3. Heading over here tomorrow – can’t wait!!

  4. George

    Who designed the restaurant? Looks great

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