Top Paddock

Top Paddock
658 Church St
Richmond,VIC 3121
+61 3 9429 4332
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The Angmoh and I paid Top Paddock a visit one sunny Saturday afternoon, with the Sausage in tow.

IMG_2800 IMG_2801

Top Paddock is located towards the river-side of Church Street, and occupies a spacious ground decked with floorboards and wooden slats. The decor of Top Paddock hints at the connection with Three Bags Full and Two Birds One Stone: the hidden side counter with a quiet ambiance and the metal seats at the communal table (made from disused street signs) from the former, and the polished tiled white wall with a scattering of cosy intimate booths for the latter. I loved the tables situated just on the side of the cafe: it was comfortably situated away from the buzz, yet close enough to feel included and watch the action. The plants and wooden slats also gave it a ‘patio-feel’, perfect for relaxing and enjoying a meal.

Magic $3.80

Our ‘5 Senses’ magics came out delicious and had a nicely rounded body with a rich chocolatey finish. The Angmoh’s brunch dish gave me severe brunch envy and I goggled at the pretty colours on his plate, especially when his perfectly-poached egg oozed into a silky waterfall. All the elements worked well together: creamy egg, sweet tangy beetroot, fresh cured fish. The Angmoh attacked his brunch with great gusto. My dish turned out to be a DIY assembly: I got to season my avocado with the salt and lime according to my liking. It was healthy, fresh and zesty.

Gin and lime cured ocean trout with beetroot relish, potato galette, poached eggs, leaves and goats curd with toast $18.50

Barham avocado, with lime, sea salt and Movida sourdough $12
(Add) Poached egg $2

We had another round of coffees, and this time I went for the single origin coffee. I loved it! It surprisingly had good depth and a burst of fresh grape. A kind waiter offered the Sausage a container of water and even apologized for the delay due to the busy brunch crowd.

(Top) Magic $3.80
(Bottom) Piccolo Latte $3.80. [Single origin: Kenya French Mission]

I had to have something naughty to counter my healthy brunch. I had spied earlier on at the pastry counter and saw the famed cheesecake brownie (of Three Bags Full). It certainly didn’t disappoint. It was rich, sinful and worth every calorie. Thank God for BodyCombat and BodyPump that morning!

Cheesecake Brownie

Top Paddock reflects Melbourne’s renowned brunch scene: fantastic coffee, great food, cute staff and great service. It has great outdoor seating and is also pooch-friendly!




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8 responses to “Top Paddock

  1. Arrgh you have a doggy? Since when? I wantssss.. oh and lovely post. I want to visit now!

  2. cheesecakebrowniepuppycheesecakebrowniepuppycheesecakebrowniepuppy I WANT ALL THE THINGS. 🙂

  3. fatboo

    Thanks for taking me here last week. The crowd that Sunday was scary big, but brunch remained very very good!

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