Dead Man Espresso

Dead Man Espresso
35 Market Street
South Melbourne
Vic 3205
+61 3 9686 2255
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I am one very lucky gal. Situated just 10 minutes from me, is a one of my favourite cafés that not only has amazing coffees and delicious brunch fare, it too has a cute fit-out and is dog-friendly. This post combines pictures from my most recent visit, and also those from my pre-blogger days.


Dead Man Espresso is located in South Melbourne, inconspicuously seated away from the hustle and bustle of South Melbourne Market. The bright elevated wooden deck with its neatly aligned parallel slats provides a captivating and chirpy façade. Inside, wooden booths dot the sides of the wall, and in the middle, a large communal table centered with a grand floral piece greets you.


Dead Man Espresso offers coffee from the Seven Seeds blend. I always have mine in a magic, allowing the rich double ristretto to draw out the floral sweetness of the coffee. On that particular morning, I opted for the chorizo toastie with gruyere and peppers, while The Angmoh went for poached eggs with smoked salmon.

toastiepoached eggs n smoked salmon
(Left) Chorizo, gruyere, guindilla peppers toastie $12
(Right) Poached eggs on Zeally Bay sourdough $11  (add Smoked Salmon $4.50)

The toastie was simple and tasty: salty fatty chorizo, strings of melted cheese, spicy pickled peppers and a spread of roasted garlic. The side of tomato chutney provided a sweet balance to the sandwich. The Angmoh had an epic exclamation when his dish arrived: “Jesus! That’s a lot of salmon!” (Men and their first-world problems) His poached eggs bled poetically like a sun-doused waterfall. Paired with (all that) salmon, it made a satisfying brunch.

(Left) Piccolo latte
(Right) Dead Man BLT – pork belly and spinach puree on brioche with pickled fennel and apple slaw $16.50

One of the dishes that the Dead Man is famous for, is the Dead Man BLT, which is pork belly and spinach puree, served on soft buttery brioche. The Angmoh had ordered this when we were first dating, and I knew that he was a keeper when he put up with my Asian food-picture-taking habits. The Angmoh gave his two thumbs up to the sandwich.

(Left) Panzanella – bread and heirloom tomato salad with pork and fennel sausage and poached egg $17.50
(Right) Magic

Other dishes that I have tried in my previous visits include the porridge and buttermilk pancakes.

steelcut oatsapple pancakes
(Left) Steel-cut oats, stewed apple, brown sugar
(Right) Buttermilk pancakes, spiced apple, crumbed brioche

Melbourne, having a reputation of hip café culture, is becoming saturated with new cafes popping up aplenty. The quality and consistency of Dead Man Espresso has yet to falter and sits amongst my top favourites.

coffee love



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14 responses to “Dead Man Espresso

  1. fatboo

    You’re finally going through your list of favourite cafés. It’s nice seeing such an array of winning dishes ‘collected’ over the months. And I agree, Dead Man is the first café I’d normally visit after I’m back from a trip overseas. It’s reliable and comforting. =)

  2. Damnnn I think I’m going to have to go back to Dead Man Espresso because last time I went I really was underwhelmed but having said that it’s not fair because I just had a muesli and yoghurt hahaha will go again soon 🙂 SUPER Jealous you guys live so close to great cafes!

  3. Ah yes, good old Deadman. Such a standout in the coffee and brunch department. Last I was there I had a sensational avo on toast, mixed with pomegranate, whole toasted almonds and mint. It was divine.

    I need to get on this Magic action. I admit to feeling like a bit of a loser asking for a Magic, though. How can I order this without sounding silly? Teach me.

    • it does sound like a wanky order doesn’t it? “I would like a magic please”, lol. Just be confident (pretend you know what you’re doing) and simply say I’d like a magic plz. I would recommend ordering magics at cafes that do specialty coffees =)

  4. My absolute favourite cafe and one that we have been back a few times. That’s saying quite a lot!

  5. What is the difference between magic and the other coffee? Haha, love Dead Man Expresso too, good food, nice place and real coffee connoisseurs. Keep writing! 🙂

    Estella (YourWanderlust)

    • A magic is a double ristretto in a three-quarter latte. the ristretto is the first extractions of an expresso, so the flavours are more pronounced, in my opinion. apparently magics is a “melbourne” thing 🙂 Pop over to South Melbourne Market if you have the chance; Clement Coffee is amaze-balls!

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