Little Chloe

Little Chloe
1810 Malvern Road
Malvern East
Vic 3145
+61 3 9669 4054
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Whispers of a new café with the lure of delicious coffee in Malvern East had my ears twitching like a nervy little ravenous rodent. I knew I had to check it out as soon its official launch was confirmed.

On a dreary weekend morning, The Angmoh, Gamer Gal and I were niftily driven eastbound in Fakeboo’s little red 4 seater. All of us were desperately in need of a hit of caffeine and some food in  our tummies. Not before long, a long dark glass panel with a large white lily appeared before us.

Little Chloe has a very whimsical garden theme: splashes of wood lined with lawn, round little tree trunks bounded in square tiles and soaring butterflies ascending into the clear skies. A shy fairy hiding about from the ingeniously suspended coffee filter-lights would have completed the picture.


Our waitress sat us down and quickly went through the coffees and their tasting notes. She was charming and knowledgeable and had us on our first round of coffees in no time.

(Left) Magic $3.80
(Right) Costa Rica Single Origin Piccolo Latte $3.80

The Angmoh and Gamer Gal had the house blend coffees, which uses the Symmetry blend from The Maling Room. Fakeboo and I went for the single origin coffees as a piccolo latte. The coffees blew us away. The house blend was creamy and rich in cocoa, while the single origin had a deep intensity of raisins and dried blueberries, mellowing into honeyed caramel. More than slightly awake, we were ready for some eats.

Little Chloe’s pork belly in homemade steamed buns with carrot daikon pickle, cucumbers, coriander, and peking-style sauce, accompanied by wombok-salad, peanut crunchers, and buna-shimeji mushrooms $18

Fakeboo went adventurous and chose the pork-belly in steamed buns. The serve of pork was generous and the crackling created a small symphony when eaten. It was unusual to have this as a dish on its own, as it’s usually served amongst other large Chinese mains. Moreover, as this is normally eaten at dinner, it was surprising to see it on a brunch menu. It certainly worked well with Fakeboo and he fervently savoured every oily juicy crackily bit of pork.

Thin corn fritters with spicy baked beans, spinach, chorizo and poached eggs $15.50

Gamer Gal’s corn fritters was a massive serve. Juicy corn, fatty chorizo and gooey eggs made the perfect wake-up call. Her comment of “It totally hit the spot” said it all.

Eggs poached, on oganic toast $9.50
(add Chorizo $4.50, Mushrooms $3, Spinach $3, Relish $1)

The Angmoh decided to build his own breakfast. He was famished and needed a good deal of sustenance. Too busy placating his stomach, he ploughed through his breakfast with a few approving grunts. He certainly didn’t have any complaints.

Little Chloe’s gravlax with grilled asparagus on fetta and chive scrambled eggs on toast $17

I decided to have the gravlax with scrambled eggs and asparagus. The eggs were fluffy, the gravlax well-cured, and the asparagus grilled with a hint of lemon. Served on delicious sourdough from Brasserie Bread, it totally satisfied.

Greedy little guts we were, we simply had to indulge in a second round of caffeine. Once again, perfection was achieved as everyone sighed over the stunning deliciousness of the coffees.

For budding Little Chloe who just made her debut into society, she certainly has found her feet.

*Note: I would very much like to thank Iggy for his hospitality, Nicky for her beaming smile and generous knowledge of coffee and Emily, for serving up some of the best coffees I’ve ever had in Melbourne.

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3 responses to “Little Chloe

  1. I can’t believe this beauty is just right next to me! Must hit it up soon!

  2. Hmm, I think I have a friend who lives out this way, will have to try it! The food just looks gorgeous and the interior sounds so cute!

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