Industry Beans

Industry Beans
Warehouse 3
Corner Fitzroy Street and Rose Street
Vic 3064
+61 3 9417 1034
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I love pooch-friendly establishments. I envy dog-owners in NYC, where the majority of public places are dog-friendly, from supermarkets to restaurants, and cafes to posh boutiques. I look forward to the day Melbourne becomes more accepting of public canine company.


Ashley and I arranged to have a doggie day-out on Easter Monday. The plan was to have brunch and catch up, while the dogs did their own little socializing: butt-sniffing, snout-licking, and whatever else that dogs do when they meet… In the end, all the 2 little fellas did was look at each other, sniffed a little and ignored each other for the rest of the brunch session. Nevermind them, Ashley, The Angmoh and I had a tummy-satisfying time anyhow.

(From top) Cold drip caviar, Coffee toffee, Latte pearls

Industry Beans is a newbie at Fitzroy. They roast their own beans and even do all the kitchen magic on site, such as creating coffee pearls and candy, which we were generously offered a free tasting of.


The courtyard is very cosy. Red brick walls run along one end, with hanging greenery interspersed. Natural skylight pours in and brightens the dining area with a gentle hue.

Chai $4

We started off with a hit of caffeine: chai for Ashley, a magic for The Angmoh and a piccolo latte for me. While Ashley enjoyed her chai (she described it to be ‘spicy’), the house-blend coffees weren’t spectacular. The Angmoh even commented that his magic was a tad milky.

(Left) Piccolo latte $3.80
(Right) Magic $3.80

The menu at Industry Beans is very impressive. It consists of 2 full pages, and offers a different and varied take on brunch. I was drawn to the beetroot rosti with smoked eel, but alas, I’ve committed myself to ‘Meatless Mondays’, so a vegetarian dish for me it was!

avoavo egg
Avocado Smash – A whole avocado with chevre, opal basil, micro mint, green tea salt and charred lemon $14
(Add poached eggs $3.50 each)

I loved my healthy dish of smashed avocado. The lemon zest and mint lifted the dish entirely, giving it a different spin from other cafes. Topped with perfectly poached runny eggs, it made an extremely satisfying breakfast.

deep fried eggs
Deep Fried Eggs – Poached eggs crumbed in panko, served with charred asparagus, raisins, capsicum curls and a parsnip and jeruselum artichoke puree $15

Ashley’s dish of deep fried eggs was visually appealing. The bright green hue of asparagus contrasted vividly against the soft beige artichoke. Topped with golden eggs, it was a piece of edible art. Read what she thought of it here!

Cold Drip Cured Salmon and Cornbread – House cured salmon on our own char grilled cornbread with cornichon vinaigrette, cultured cream, grapefruit, white onins and mixed edible flowers $18
(Add poached eggs $3.50 each)

The Angmoh’s breakfast was massive and packed with protein. While it wasn’t warm enough for his liking, he described it to extremely tasty. He particularly liked the rich cornbread and the house-smoked salmon.

The Angmoh decided to have another coffee, a pourover this time. It was delicious, with subtle sweet notes and a slightly creamy finish.

With so many cafes in Fitzroy, Industry Beans seems to be a keeper. While the house-blend was alright, I suspect the single origin coffees will be promising. I anticipate patronising again, and having a go at the rest of the menu.



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  1. Oh even your pooches are friends now 🙂 So sweet!

  2. How cute to have a doggie date 🙂 Arghh on my list on my list need to go soon ~

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