Demitri’s Feast

Demitri’s Feast

141 Swan Street
Vic 3121
+61 3 9428 8659
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Demitri’s Feast is a gem along the many eateries on Swan Street. It dishes up all-day breakfasts, heartier lunches and daily specials, all with a Greek influence. I had taken my brother and sister-in-law a couple years ago and we enjoyed the food tremendously. I had my eye on the sweet breakfast dishes and succumbed to the semolina pancakes with rosewater syrup. It was fluffy and rich and heavenly. Sometime later I found out that the other choice of baklava French toast was simply to die for, and I knew I had to return.


The Angmoh, Fakebooo and I visited one Sunday for lunch. Booo had just knocked off work, The Angmoh had completed a rowing session along the Yarra and I had woken early for gym and a long walk with the Sausage. We brought with us an immense appetite.

Chai latte (Corporation teas) $3.80

The courtyard is quirkily decorated in a pleasantly quaint fashion with suspended green bottles housing colourful flowers, recycled olive oil containers as seats, and an odd variety of plants along the back wall (there’s even kiwi!).

Smashed Avocado with bacon, confit cherry tomatoes and poached egg $17.50

Booo’s dish of smashed avocado had all the basic breakfast elements: avo, bacon, tomatoes, egg and toast. While the avocado was “smashed” to a smithereened-paste, the overall dish was tasty and generous.

Leek Prasopita – handmade filo with leeks, herbs, ricotta and feta $10

I liked my pie dish. The sweet leeks and fresh herbs contrasted nicely with the cheeses, and it was all housed in a buttery flaky pastry. It has a filling of leek, instead of spinach, and resembles Spanakopita, which I’ve yet to try.

(Left) Grilled ox tongue with tzatziki $19.50
(Right) Salad of grilled zucchini, pine nuts, currants and rocket

The Angmoh decided to try one of the daily specials. His dish of grilled tongue, albeit slightly on the small side, was full of flavour and extremely delicious. He speedily polished all of it up, decided it wasn’t enough and had some fruit toast to complete his lunch.

Organic Fruit Toast (Baker D. Chirico) with choice of condiments $7

Booo and I went halvsies on the Baklava French toast. I suspect as it was approaching closing time, we were given the last of the brioche. Not that we were complaining, each slice was fat and thick and extremely fluffy. Drowned in orange blossom syrup, it was sweet buttery heaven.

Baclava French Toast with walnut praline, sweet yoghurt and orange blossom syrup $15

Demitri’s Feast has been around for quite a while. It is unassuming, very pleasant and offers a certain comforting ambience to enjoy delicious Greek fare.



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14 responses to “Demitri’s Feast

  1. Wow! I am always on the look at for a good french toast and that Baclava french toasts looks to die for!!!

  2. fatboo

    Hehe, I’m finally writing this place up too. That Baclava French Toast was decidedly memorable!

  3. wow, the pastry on your pie just looks divine! Will have to go back for that French toast!

  4. Smashed Avocado with bacon, confit cherry tomatoes and poached egg sounds like my type of breakfast. i love anything with smashed avo!

  5. I really want to try the French toast even thinking about it makes my mouth water so badly 🙂 We have to go back together with Ash!!! MAY i’ll start scheduling it soon hehe xox

  6. Hmm looks really delish, but I’m not sure I want to head to Richmond.. the Boy is like anti the lousy parking there!

  7. I’ve gone past that place a million times but never gone in! It looks so nice! I love that they do something a little different from the standard Melbourne cafe fare 🙂 That Leek Prasopita in particular looks fab!

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