Bistro Guillaume

Bistro Guillaume
8 Whiteman Street
Crown Entertainment Complex
Vic 3006
+61 3 9292 4751
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The Angmoh and I have survived a year together. He puts up with all my hangry irritable manners while I educate him on the finer points of dining, which will be pointed out later in this post. We decided to celebrate our anniversary at Bistro Guillaume.

Mussels marinieres $23

The restaurant is located in Crown, situated along the river side of the establishment. The dark tables dimmed by the hanging billowy lights provide a cosy intimate atmosphere. The alfresco tables overlooking the Yarra also make wonderful people-watching opportunities.

Spanner crab salad, avocado, cucumber and coriander $24

As we pondered the menu, The Angmoh displays an interest towards the escargot in the entrée section, and asks if ‘it is the same as the fruit bun’. Yup, that’s my man.

Escargot VS snail

The mussels were served on a warm heavy plate, steaming with the wonderful aroma of fresh sea and wine. The broth was creamy and not too thick with the mussels tender and not overly chewy. The crab salad was an utter delight. It was possibly the freshest, sweetest crab salad I had ever had. The avocado provided a velvety backdrop and the capsicum mousse enhanced the sweetness of the flaky crabmeat.

Deboned Tajima wagyu rib-eye, crispy Kifplers and béarnaise sauce $72

The Angmoh had his eye on the Tajima wagyu, which was on the specials board for that evening. The Tajima breed of cattle is reputed to produce excellent marbling and meat quality. It is the exclusive genetic line of all Kobe beef, and fortunately for Australians, Tajima cattle have been imported here and restaurants have been offering steaks from these locally-reared animals.

The Angmoh’s steak was simply amazing. His words of ‘That steak is f***ing incredible and one of the best steaks I’ve ever had’ negated the necessity to describe how delicious, how flavourful and how meltingly tender it was.

Venison tenderloin with beetroot and horseradish $37

My dish of venison with beetroot was superbly pink! The meat was cooked to perfection, succulent without a hint of gaminess. The beetroot puree was lusciously creamy but I found myself wishing for the horseradish to cut through. I unabashedly added mustard and that certainly worked too.

Chocolate delice
Chocolate délice with violet ice cream and sour cherries $18

Though stuffed, we certainly couldn’t leave without dessert. The Angmoh’s chocolate délice was smooth and extremely rich in cocoa. I loved the subtle violet ice cream and couldn’t get enough of it. My lemon tart was citrusy and tangy, topped with a burnt-sugar crust (think crème brulee). It was perfect.

lemon tart
Lemon tart with crème fraîche $18

Our evening at Bistro Guillaume was a splendid way to celebrate our first year. The food was well-executed and the ambiance was romantic. I anticipate another delicious year ahead for The Angmoh and I, and hope to expand his foodie education.



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13 responses to “Bistro Guillaume

  1. Em

    So he didn’t try the escargot? He should, snails are awesome!

  2. I had a bit of a so-so time last I was at Bistro Guillaume, but it seems you ordered much better than I did!

    Haha, escargot confusion, so cute! 😀

  3. Aw, happy anniversary!!!! Maybe one day I’ll get to meet the Angmoh in person, and high five you both for being awesome.

  4. Happy anniversary!

    That lemon tart: OMG. 🙂

  5. jac

    Looks delicious, especially the crab – yum.

  6. Bahahahahahah he’s so funny laaaaaa…. HAHAHAHA snails… dude snails!!!

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