Oscar Cooper, Coin Laundry

Oscar Cooper
160 Greville Street
Vic 3181
+61 3 9529 5670
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The Melbourne summer heat scrambled my brains. I had baked pineapple tarts after Chinese New Year, on a 30-degree day in my sweltering, humid apartment. Trying to work with buttery shortcrust pastry in warm weather is no fun. And yet, there I had, over 30 fat golden balls waiting to be gobbled up. Having felt a sense of accomplishment, I decided to share the tarts with Daisy and Yasmeen, as I recalled that they had yet to try this popular Singaporean/Malaysian CNY goodie. A food-blogger catch-up date was quickly arranged, and Daisy suggested Oscar Cooper.

coffeebreakfast burrito
(Left: top) Iced latte $3.50
(Left: bottom) Piccolo latte $3.50
(Right) Breakfast burrito on a flour tortilla with berkshire bacon, fried egg, avocado, cheese and a spicy tomato salsa $13.50

Oscar Cooper has been on my radar after reading about Ashley’s and I-Hua’s experience at the café. We rocked up with the Sausage in tow on a blistering Sunday. Due to my canine companion (sorry once again guys!), we had to have an outdoor table. The waitress was friendly and did her best to arrange for us to have one quickly. We were particularly grateful as it was shaded.

(Left) Rigatoni with spicy pork sausage ragu, torn basil and reggiano $16
(Right) Buffalo soldier $5, Strawberry field $5

Thirst-quenches were quickly ordered. The juices hit the spot, cool blended watermelon never disappoints on a day like this. The coffees, unfortunately, were not impressive. Although the beans were from Small Batch (by Auction Rooms), none of the fruity chocolate flavours came through.

french toastphoto
(Left) Thick cut brioche French toast with grilled banana, maple syrup, chocolate flakes, strawberries and cream $15
(Right) Slow roasted spiced lamb, sweet pepperonata, grilled haloumi, mint yoghurt and rocket on a panino $16

The food however was lovely. Everyone tucked into their dish with silent appreciation as soon as their plates were set before them. Although I was too shy to nibble or poke at the other dishes, they all looked appealing and delicious. There weren’t any complaints.

Roasted beetroot, asparagus and Meredith’s goats cheese omelette with cherry tomato and parseley salad, balsamic glaze $16

I had the omelette with goats’ cheese. I reckon pomegranate molasses might just be the new balsamic. It was tart and syrupy and went very nicely with the savoury cheesy egg. My only gripe was that the portion of bread was a tad small.

Oscar Cooper seems to be a popular bistro that is well patronized by chic Chapel Street-goers. Food is delicious and service friendly and ready to please.

Coin Laundry
61 Armadale Street
Vic 3143
+61 3 9500 1888
Coin Laundry Cafe on Urbanspoon

The Angmoh and I rocked up to Coin Laundry after a session at Bounce. The latter was quite an athletic, sweaty experience, and certainly stimulated an appetite. I would highly recommend it, but definitely only on an empty stomach. Which brings me to my main point… FOOD! Coin Laundry has been a reputable brunch spot. I remember driving past one early morning on a Tuesday past 9am, when you would expect things to be relatively quiet, only to discover at least 6 groups waiting for a table! I had enjoyed my previous dining experiences (when I could get a table) but had learnt that management had changed and that the current staff now operate at Station Street Trading Co. in Port Melbourne. Nevertheless, it was still worth a visit to see if things remained the same.

(Left) Vietnamese style iced coffee $5.50
(Right) Freshly squeezed orange juice $5.50

While the set-up is the same, the staff at Coin Laundry are more family-oriented. The senior gentleman (grandfather, perhaps) manages the coffee machine, the cashier by a handsome lady (mom, I imagine) and the floor by an eager young bloke. I loved the image of Pops clanging away at the sleek coffee machine. Move aside, emo-hipster baristas!

Coin laundry breakfast of smashed avocado, roma tomatoes, bacon, beetroot relish, baby spinach and poached eggs $19.5

We ordered a big breakkie for The Angmoh and an eggy dish for me. Having tried the same dish at Station Street Trading Co., The Angmoh was quivering (Ok, not quite) with anticipation for the famed bacon skewers. They were well done, but not quite as crisp as those on offer at the new Station St. café.

French Omelette with fresh herbs, onion, roasted pepper, spinach and tasty cheese served on brioche

I enjoyed my omelette. It was fluffy and chocked full of fresh vegetables and herbs. It made a great combination with the buttery airy brioche.

Coin Laundry’s new management has taken over the reins smoothly and upheld the quality and presentation of brunch fare. It was certainly returning!



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  1. I love Oscar Coopers.. my fave place at the moment!

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