Station Street Trading Co, Pillar of Salt

Station Street Trading Company
166 Station Street
Port Melbourne
Vic 3207
+61 3 9646 6663
Station St Trading Company on Urbanspoon


I found myself at Station Street Trading Company one cold early morning after I had taken the Sausage for a cavorting session on the beach. I was congested and feeling slightly sorry for myself. I was consoled by a healthy breakfast consisting of a steaming bowl of oats, topped with softly poached apple and rhubarb, completed with a warm cup of lightly-spiced chai.  The porridge was well-cooked, not too sweet and full of breakfast goodness. I let the Sausage lick some off and he too agreed with that it was delicious.

Poached rhubarb and apple porridge with natural yoghurt $10.50

Station Street Trading Co is run by the team behind Coin Laundry, which was famous for its big breakfast, especially the bacon skewers. The management eventually sold Coin Laundry and I had a previous visit with The Angmoh around this time. We found the traditional ‘big breakfast’, complete with bacon skewers, was being offered. The Angmoh, somewhat predictably, ordered the dish and was extremely impressed by said skewers. He still raves about them to this day. The bacon was crisp, full of porky fattiness and an absolute delight. My dish of truss tomatoes and smashed avo was healthy and tasty but no longer on the menu on my most recent visit.

bacon skewerstomatoes, eggs
(Left) Station Street Breakfast stack of avocado, spinach, bacon, mushrooms, served with poached eggs and beetroot relish $17.50
(Right) Smashed avocado, goats feta and vine ripened tomatoes on farmhouse toast $13.50

Station Street Trading Co is so conveniently located near me. The best part is that it overlooks an off-lead dog park, giving me plenty of reason to visit with the Sausage in tow.

Calmasutra Chai $4

Pillar of Salt
541 Church Street
Vic 3121
+61 3 9421 1550
Pillar of Salt on Urbanspoon


I love having my parents visit Melbourne. I’ve been on my own for about 8 and a half years and only get to see them maybe twice a year. When they come over, it means getting babied, having home-cooked meals cooked by Dad and a cleaner home (thanks to Mum). I also use having them here as an excuse to eat out and spoil them. Their visit this year had us visiting Loam, Bress Winery and The Station Hotel, for which write-ups are impending. Dad is not a fan of brunch but Mum loves it like I do, so we snuck out one morning when he was fast asleep.

Magic $3.80

A quick drive later, we were seated in the cosy interior of Pillar of Salt. We briskly ordered some drinks to keep ourselves warm: a magic for me and a pot of lemongrass and ginger tea for Mum. The coffee beans are by 5 Senses, one of my favourites. Pillar of Salt makes it very well; my magic had a lovely rich body and warm chocolatey notes. Mum’s tea was refreshing and zingy, a perfect way to wake up.

(Left) Lemongrass and ginger tea (Teas by Larsen and Thompson) $4
(Right) Free range eggs served on thick cut Noisette toast: poached $9.50,
Add avocado and persian feta puree $4.50

We were in the mood for eggs that morning. I decided to build my breakfast. Poached eggs and avocado appealed to me in the most predictable manner – I love avocado. My eggs bled beautifully but I was slightly disappointed with the avocado. The menu did state “puree”, but I was still surprised by it as it was served as a dull green paste, lacking in texture, and masking any taste of the Persian feta. Mom’s choice of scrambled eggs was a generous mound of slightly wet, bright yellow eggy mess, mixed in with a whole heap of delicious ingredients. The bites of chilli provided a gentle spice kick, while the ham and cheese gave the dish a lovely flavour.

Pillars red chilli scrambled eggs, julienne bacon, spring onion, parseley, parmesan, toast $16.50

I ordered another coffee to round off my breakfast. The single origin from Kenya was delicious and full-bodied. I managed to taste berries but the faint tang of rhubarb remained elusive.

Piccolo Latte, single origin $4.30

Pillar of Salt is another great café to visit on the Church Street stretch of Richmond, along with others you’ll find elsewhere on this blog.



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6 responses to “Station Street Trading Co, Pillar of Salt

  1. Too many cafes and too little time 🙂 Want to visit Station St Trading so much but just a bit too far for me damnnn will get there eventually hehe

  2. I want to go to Station St Trading Co!! I quite like Pillar of Salt as well. We’re lucky we have so many cool cafes in Melbs!

  3. Love these two places! No time for revisits 😛

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