Station Hotel

The Station Hotel
59 Napier Street
Vic 3011
+61 9687 2913
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My folks touched down on Mothers’ Day this year. Incidentally, it happened to be Mum’s birthday as well. Since both my parents fancy a good steak, a visit to Station Hotel was in order. I had invited The Angmoh and Fakebooo along; what better way to celebrate than with my 2 boyfriends meeting the parents.


Station Hotel is steak heaven. A diagram of a bull with references to anatomy and cuts of meat prepares you for your meaty bloody meal. The beef is sourced within Australia and every steak is cooked to perfection. Salad and hand-cut chips complete the plate. House-made béarnaise or pepper sauce is served in burnished copper pans. They are rich and make a perfect drizzle over the steak or to dip chips in.

(Left) 500g Castricum Brothers, Gippsland (VIC) grass fed Black Angus rib eye $48

Our party took a little while to decide which steak to have. With at least 12 different steaks to choose from, each a different provenance, cut, weight and means of processing, it can be quite confounding and flustering. In the end, we all picked something different, yet catering to our preferences.

400g Castricum Brothers, Gippsland (VIC) dry aged grass fed Black Angus rump $40

Dad was hungry and had himself a half kilo ribeye. Mom ordered from the specials menu and hers came with a zucchini salad. (I forgot to note what it was, woops!) The Angmoh needed something substantial without compromising in flavour and texture and had a 400g dry aged rump. Fakebooo decided not to be greedy and had a small(ish) 250g grain fed Wagyu-cross rump, which had rich buttery flavours. I like my cow to be grass-fed and had the smallest serve that night, a 200g tenderloin.

250g Security Foods (QLD) 300 day grain fed Wagyu x Black Angus rump $34

We couldn’t end Mom’s birthday dinner without dessert. Mom, Fakebooo and I shared a pistachio soufflé, while The Angmoh had chocolate mousse to himself. Dad was utterly stuffed; he had polished off the entire steak, salad and all the chips and simply had no room to fit dessert in.

200g Victorian Farms, Gippsland (VIC) grass fed British Breed tenderloin $40

The soufflé arrived in its green upright glory. It remained fluffy and showed no signs of collapse as we dug into it. The texture was perfect but the pistachio flavour had a slight plasticky taste, perhaps from the nutty essence. The chocolate mousse was velvety smooth and rich in cocoa. The Angmoh lapped it up happily.

Pistachio soufflé $12

Needless to say, it was one helluva satisfying meal. Mum was surprised at how reasonable the cost was. She had a very good steak experience in ‘Morton’s of Chicago’ in Singapore but remarked that “Steak in Morton is good but the price is ungood”.

Valrhona chocolate mousse with griottines and kirsch $14

Station Hotel remains one of the few gastropubs I would bring family and friends to and visit over and over. The steak is top-notch, the price is extremely decent and the clientele far from “bogany”.



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10 responses to “Station Hotel

  1. Soooo want to go 🙂 have been on my list for the longest time but some how I still haven’t made my way down there for some good steak and like you said prices are super reasonable!

  2. fatboo

    Hahahaha… “ungood…!” Oh bless, I love your mom’s funny turns of phrase.

  3. I loved my first visit there years ago but have been craving steak lately like a madwoman so must come back soon!

  4. that steak looks devine!

  5. Damn! Looks great. The Boy has been asking for us to visit this place! Moving it up the list!

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