La Tortilleria

La Tortilleria
72 Stubbs Street
Vic 3031
+61 3 9376 5577
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Cookie Monster texted me one day to ask if I was interested in checking out a new Mexican place in Kensington. Having read Lauren’s blog, I knew immediately which place she was referring to and obviously said yes. We made the slight error of not booking beforehand. I called on the very day to check if it was too late to get a table and was told that there was small area in the front for walk-in customers. We took the gamble and, fortunately, snagged a proper table in the depths of the restaurant.


La Tortilleria makes their tortillas the authentic way, fresh and from wholegrain corn. Meat and eggs are free-range and vegan options are available. The restaurant is decorated with quirky little Mexican touches, like these salt and pepper shakers, complete with a cactus! There is also a small shelf at the front with Mexican foodstuffs, including their home-made tortillas.

Guacamole, served with totopos (homemade tortilla chips) $6

The menu is simple and offers a small selection of tacos, quesadillas and sopes. We started off with a serve of guacamole, which came with a side of corn chips and dips. The dips are free-flow, and diners can help themselves to pots of salsa, chipotle and pico de gallo. The corn chips were fresh and crunchy. They were perfect for scooping up the home-made guacamole, which was zesty and had a good kick of lime.

Mexican hot chocolate $3

I loved how the hot chocolate was served. The cup reminded me of a Winnie the Pooh mini honey pot. Devoid of handles, it was perfect for cupping and warming hands on a cold rainy night. Cookie Monster had a quick sniff and thought it smelt like Milo. And you know what, it kinda did.

Tacos (Carne asada and Hongos y panela) $4.50 each
Quesadilla (Frijoles y panela) $4.50

Our tacos were pretty good. We both liked the combination of mushrooms and cheese. I had the grilled beef as well, which I found a little on the dry side. That was easily solved by drizzling chipotle sauce.

Flan $5

I had to try the one and only dessert on the menu. It was flan; it was the last serve of the night, and who cares if it was served a little “unpresentably”, coz it was bloody good. I’m not even a fan of flan but this was delicious with eggy custard with rich caramel.

Melbourne was stunned with a wave of Mexican cuisine last year. While La Tortilleria is a little late on the scene, it is most welcome with its genuine homemade tortillas, ethically-sourced animal products and really really good dessert.



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  1. Ooh I like a good late entry.. I shall go visit then!

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