650 Anderson Road
Vic 3223
+61 3 5251 1101
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When the folks booked their flight tickets to Melbourne, I knew I had to bring them to some place special, some place they’d yet to experience and will walk out with a memory always to be cherished. Loam had this effect on me when I first visited with Fakebooo, a year and a bit ago. I was charmed off my feet: the ambience, the staff, the service and of course the food was infallible. The news of its closure made me thankful that I’d booked a month ago. I was also lucky enough to squeeze The Angmoh in at the very last minute. We had lunch one lovely Sunday in May and it was pretty magical. Loam has finally closed its doors and I thought I’d do something different to commemorate our meal.


West-forth beckons, out in Drysdale
An experience awaits, a feast to marvel
Clear blue skies with olive groves green
A sigh in the wind, lunch now begins
Quenelles of butter, lathered onto bread
Red wine, intoxicating, goes straight to the head
Vinegared crisps from salt lake bushes
Fermented cabbage cradling cheeses

Red globes of tomato, peppered with seeds
Shredded tongue scattered like reeds
Savoury bread sauce, amber and pale
Hovered a crunchy crustacean tail
White flaky flesh crusted with gold
Purslane and pickle, tangy and bold
Blackened white veg, dusted with green
Sat on a mousse of cheese and cream
Earthy mushies and a ribbon of kohlrabi
Shrouded a tender piece of poultry

The jowl of a pig, so crispy and fat
Add succulent sunrose and lemon to that
Wisps of cheese that were grassy and sharp
Blanketed beetroot, preserved and tart
Apple and rhubarb, berries blue and round
Custard of spring, a treat to be found
Faint red juices from crushed strawberry
Sweet, eucalypt and basil herby
Brown slices of peach with oats and honey
Concluded nine courses well and truly

A beaming porcine sends us on our way
Curtains down, fingers crossed, Loam will be back some day

Tomato, veal, sea blite, basil seeds

Bay bug, bread, savoury yeast

Snapper, dill cucumber, rosemary, purslane

Roasted cauliflower, l’etivaz gruyere, kale

Chicken, shiitake, kohlrabi, scallop

Pork jowl, sunrose, salted lemon

Apple, green rhubarb, sorrel, blurberries

Vento d’Estate, pickled beetroot

Eucalyptus, strawberry, basil

Celeriac, peach, honeyed oats



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2 responses to “Loam

  1. Beautiful! I didn’t know you were a poet 😛 Lovely!

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