The Premises

The Premises
202 Bellair Street
Vic 3031
+61 3 9376 7565
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When The Angmoh and I first started going out, we had a list of food places to take each other to. The Premises was on my list for him but somehow we never got around to visiting the café. One Sunday morning, he requested if we could have brunch at The Premises and of course, my answer was yes.


I have been several times and have yet to be disappointed. The coffees are always spectacular and the food delicious. The café has now expanded, taking over a neighbour on Bellair Street, allowing for more counter seating and an additional cake display. Now that’s a welcoming sight.

Magic (Guatemala, La Perla) $4
Piccolo latte $3.80
It was packed that morning. We snagged a table outside and had coffees to keep ourselves warm. The Angmoh’s Single origin from Market Lane Coffee was smooth, light and sweet with hints of stone fruit. I had the house blend in a piccolo latte. The beans are from 7 Seeds and the coffee was excellent.

Truffle toastie with Dench sourdough, Newmarket ham, gruyere and Madame Truffle’s famous truffles $17
I was luxuriating in a truffle weekend. I had bought a truffle from Madame Truffles and planned to cook dinner with it later that evening. The night before we had indulged in a Truffle dinner at St Ali. But, there’s no such thing as too much truffle, so I ordered the truffle toastie which was featured on the specials menu. It had a heady pungent fragrance and the little black morsels had infused into the melted cheese. It was a simple dish and truly satisfying.

The Premises Eggs – two poached eggs, green olive tapenade, Persian feta and a zucchini salad on organic toast $17
Add chorizo $4.50

The Angmoh’s poached eggs on zucchini blew him away. His words of “I’m really impressed” were short and sweet and said it all. I had a bite and had a hit of brunch envy. The zucchini was fresh, punched up by sharp pickled peel and salty olive tapenade. The eggs were perfectly poached and the brilliant orange yolk painted a remarkable landscape over blobs of green and white.


We didn’t have any sweets that day, but having tried a few previously, I highly recommend the lemon pistachio cake. The vegan cupcakes are brilliant too, and do take away a freshly baked spinach feta muffin.

With such delicious offerings, The Premises is definitely amongst my favourite cafes in Melbourne.



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4 responses to “The Premises

  1. winstonthehungryexcavator

    The Premises! Although I’ve only been once 2 years ago but I still remember my experience there. Enjoyed the Reuben sanga and french toast I ordered. Although, I preferred the french toast at Breakfast Thieves haha. But still, you’re right, it really is a great little cafe, esp in that part of town =)

  2. Looks great! I haven’t visited The Premises yet, but I did have some of their cakes at New Gold Mountain as part of their “dessert degustation” one night and really enjoyed them. Looks like their savoury dishes are just as delicious!

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