1 Hosier Lane (off Flinders Lane)
Vic 3000
+61 3 9663 3038
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The Angmoh has converted me. After 8 years of being a frog in the well when it comes to footy, I now proudly sport a Hawks scarf and yell “Ball!”with fellow Hawthorn supports when a tackle is laid.


We have a long history with Geelong. The statement made by Jeff Kennett in 2009 suggesting Geelong lacked our mental toughness has haunted the team and for the past 5 years, we have yet to win a game against the Cats since.

(Left) Cordero $15
(Right) Pato $8

2 months ago, the teams had a clash at the ‘G and we joined some 75,000 footy fanatics, but of course, not before some eats.

Anchoa – Hand-filleted Cantabrian artisan anchovy on crouton with smoked tomato sorbet $4.50

We were headed to the Hollywood Costume exhibition at ACMI before the game started. After weaving through fabrics and leather and Victorian lace, we hopped across Flinders Street, only to be pelted with rain along the graffiti-strewn lane of Hosiers Lane. Movida was our haven.

Sangria (Jug) – $38

As we downed spicy and fruity sangria, tapas were ushered out. The Angmoh’s anchoa, probably one the most recognized dishes of Movida, was a perfect start. It was a mixture of textures, temperatures and tastes and probably shouldn’t work. But it did. He attacked it with knife and fork, while I’d have simply shoved the entire sliver into my gob. We moved onto house-cured duck breast, which was delicate and somewhat like salty duck ham. The char-grilled lamb loin was remarkably good. It was tender, full of flavour and married well with the green “mojo” sauce of parsley, cumin and garlic.

Cerdo – Breaded pork jowl with roast carrot salmorejo and onion $5.50

Before I introduce the next dish, I will divulge a little secret. I have reactions to food when they hit the “Oh-ma-gawwwd” spot in me. No, I do not bend over backwards to resemble a melon nor release birds behind a Venetian mask, ala Yakitate Japan. I wiggle. In my seat. Of course, I’m always usually self-conscious in public and am able to restrain my lower half but the next dish at Movida had me wiggling like an excited puppy at the sight of a giant meaty bone. That giant meaty bone was the breaded pork jowl. The meat was warm, flavoursome and soft, topped with a crust that was crisp with fat. The melding of flavours with the sweet cold carrot was mind-blowing.

Rabo de Toro $26.50

We decided to have the oxtail as our shared main. It gained some curious looks from the diners of the next-door table. While it was unctuous with gooey cartilage, it did take some skill to dissect the meat off the boney articulations and processes. The mushrooms made for the most challenging, god-awful combination of light and colour to take a photo, but were scrumptiously buttery, winey and full of earthy flavours.

Setas Asadas Con Jerez – oven-roasted portobello mushrooms finished with sherry vinegar $13

Dessert was churros with hot chocolate and the pan con chocolate. The former was ok, a little “meh” considering how amazing the latter was. It consisted with a rich chocolate mousse sandwiched between bread, accompanied by olive oil ice cream. The ice cream had me wiggling again. It was salty, fruity and cold and had my brain going “how is this possible”. It was simply devine. The little plastic wire that I fished out didn’t even faze me; I was floating in ice cream heaven.

Churros $11

As our bill came, we noted that the pan con chocolate was complimentary. Bread was charged $1, to be donated towards the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation. Tight-miserly-arses have the option of requesting the gold coin back.

Pan Con Chocolate

So, once again we did predictably lose the game to Geelong. However the night was salvaged by the splendid meal at Movida. And do tell, what reactions do you get to “Oh-Ma-Gawwwwwwd” food?




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9 responses to “MoVida

  1. Nooo, you’re a Hawks supporter now?!

    Then again, I suppose now would be a bad time to convince you to recruit you into the Essendon squad.

  2. Nooo just give up on the AFL in its entirety 😛

  3. Major points for Yakitate Japan reference! Yes yes yes! Been a long time since I was at Movida, would love to go back again!

    • Haha, thanks Ash! How funny is that anime! I remember a TV series in HK based on baking. One actor had solar hands so he was great at baking bread while the actress had cold palms, so she was the pastry queen. ahhhhh cooking-themed shows =)

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