Clement, Tom Thumb

Clement Coffee Roasters
116-136 Cecil Street
South Melbourne
Vic 3205
+61 3 9209 6295
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Tom Thumb
53 Flinders Lane
Vic 3000
+61 3 9000 3000
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I love coffee, yet I’m not addicted to it. Unlike many others, I am able to wake up and start my day without a hit of caffeine. Having coffee is a perk and not a necessity. But I’m drawn to Clement like a moth to a flame. For the past several months, I find myself having a coffee at Clement at least twice a week.

Magic $4

Located on the Cecil side of South Melbourne Market, Clement occupies a tiny narrow space. There are several chairs on the pavement for alfresco coffee sipping or a long marbled counter inside to lean against.

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie $4

Clement offers 2 types of beans at any time, with the house Pony blend predominantly on the menu. A single-origin is featured every week (if I’m not wrong) and the tasting notes described are almost always detected on my untrained palate.

IMG_5349clement - wendy
Carrot cake $6

Sweets and coffee are a match made in heaven and at Clement, delectable cakes from Matt Forbes are available. I bought a couple for colleagues and Bikie Blond Chick claims the carrot cake to be the best she’s ever had. On weekends you can snap up a couple of his famous donuts. Flavours have ranged from the usual jam and custard or lemon curd or salted caramel to the weird and wonderful maple and bacon or cigar-infused custard. For breakfast (because they do sell out fast), treat yourself to a Lune Croissant, fragrant and flaky with rich butter. For me, I can’t go past the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. It is the size of my palm and probably equivalent to 800 calories which will go straight to my tummy, thighs and ass but to hell with that, for it is amazing. It’s gluten free, full of peanut butter crumbliness and rich dark chocolate buttons.

Clement - skinnyIMG_5348

The next time you’re in South Melbourne, pay Clement a visit for a hit of caffeine. Play the name game with them and see if they can get yours right, for I have only been called once correctly by a certain staffer (you know who you are). My name at Clement has ranged from Julz, Jules, Jewel and Wendy. (To be honest, it’s probably my monotonous, poorly intonated accent that results in such name suggestions.)


Couple months ago, I caught wind that Clement was pairing up with Duchess of Spotswood to open a brew bar in the CBD. Say what?! I knew I had to check it out, so after a non-caffeinated brunch with Fakebooo at Bowery to Williamsburg, we navigated ourselves along Flinders Lane and found the cheery two-storied Tom Thumb. Being a regular of many names at Clement, my order was preemptively ordered and we were ushered upstairs to take a seat. We were charmed by the interior, highlighted by scruffed tan furniture. Food is simple and fuss-free with a small array of bread options, crumpets, porridge and muesli to choose from. Salad and soup make up the lunch choices.


Like its older sister, 2 coffees are featured with the single origin having a longer rotation on the menu. While Fakebooo was let down by the lack of fruity notes in his coffee, I was comforted by the sense of familiarity and thoroughly enjoyed my piccolo latte.

(Top) Piccolo Latte $4
(Bottom) Magic $4

While Clement continues to lure and tempt me, it has yet to convert me into a caffeine-dependent coffee addict. But the peanut butter cookie, now that might be my version of crack.


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13 responses to “Clement, Tom Thumb

  1. I’m a bit strange when it comes to coffee. On one hand, I can go several weeks without a single cup of coffee but on the other, there are days where I will need one coffee to perk me up and I’ll be fine. Two coffees would just be pushing it.

  2. fatboo

    Oh hello, Jewel! :p That name I can understand, but… WENDY?? Ha ha!

    I wish I could be less sensitive (and dependent) on coffees! I need a coffee to wake up, but can’t drink more than 2 cups a day… :(.

  3. I’ve started plunging my own coffee during the week, so weekend coffees out are so much more of a treat now 🙂

  4. I’ve only started drinking coffee on the daily but now I’m addicted!! I feel terrible without a cup in the morning lol

  5. Ooooh, GF peanut butter cookie? I’m not into coffee, but definitely into that!

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