Bayside Brunching

Uncle Bart’s
607 Balcombe Road
Black Rock
Vic 3193
+61 3 9589 2099
Uncle Bart on Urbanspoon


Ever since meeting The Angmoh and then changing jobs, I’ve had more reason to visit Bayside. Uncle Bart’s has been a stalwart and favourite in Black Rock. Decked in nautical blue and white, it also represents its Greek influence.

(Top) 3/4 Flat white
(Bottom) Piccolo latte

Coffees are brewed from 5 Senses Dark Horse blend. You can choose from a range of espresso-based, Greek or Frappe coffees. I made a klutz of myself and had spilled mine all over the table and floor. The waitress amicably wiped it all up and swiftly replaced my piccolo latte on the house. The coffee was dense, leaning towards the dark side and made a wonderful accompaniment for the homemade Greek almond short bread. The biscuit was crumbly with an intense almond essence.

Kourabyie – Homemade almond shortbread biscuit $4

The Angmoh’s big breakfast was simple and contained all the important breakfast elements that are needed to comprise the dish. It was well-portioned, well-cooked and The Angmoh had no complaints. My moussaka was rustic and tasty with an interesting cheesy polenta crust. Although it was something easily replicable at home, it was nice having a warm comforting home-cooked meal.

(Left) Big Breakfast – eggs anyway you like, bacon, spinach, roast tomato, Greek baked beans, sausage, mushrooms $17.50
(Right) Mousaka with side salad $13.50

Uncle Bart’s is a winner amongst Black Rock locals. Have a stroll on the beach or goggle at lycra-clad cyclists and hop over to Uncle Bart’s for a straight-forward, fuss-free Greek meal.


Merchants Guild
680 Centre Road
Bentleigh East
Viv 3165
+61 3 9579 0734
Merchants Guild on Urbanspoon


Merchants Guild is an extremely favourable newcomer in the Melbourne brunch scene. My first attempt to dine there was thwarted by a long queue and waiting time on a Sunday morning. I did a solo lunch several months later and had one of the daily specials at the very end of the café on the communal table.

A miniature loaf of cornbread with roasted chorizo sausage, fried eggs and a bloody Mary salsa dressed with vodka $19

I liked the dense corn bread with its crunchy edges. The sweet vegetables in the corn bread paired nicely with the salty spicy flavours of the chorizo. The vodka was too strong in the salsa and the board on which my meal was served made it a little difficult to eat. Pretty as it may be, it made controlling yolk spillage rather tricky.

Piccolo latte (Ethiopia Gelana Abaya) $3.80

House-blend coffees when I visited were from Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird, which I’m not a fan of. I opted for the single origin from Ethiopia in a piccolo latte. It was pretty good, with fruity pineapple flavours and a rounded body.

Crumbed feta, chilli jam, mushrooms and snow pea tendrils served on a seeded bagel $13

Lianne (Food Made With Love) commented on my Instagram feed to try their chai latte. I had left by then, so a date was made for us to meet up and have brunch. It was a lovely affair, with conversations swinging between food, baking, other food bloggers, our homes in both Melbourne and Singapore and just random chit chat.

Buckwheat pancakes with grilled pear, chocolate fudge, hazelnuts and a naughty whisky maple syrup $14.50

Lianne had the bagel with mushrooms with a fried egg. I had brunch envy just looking at it. It was bursting with colour and looked fulfilling and healthy. Lianne tucked into it gleefully. I decided to be a glut and had chocolate pancakes for lunch.  They were fantastic! The pancakes were fluffy, and soaked up the whisky-spiked maple syrup. Alas, my plate was whisked away too quickly and I didn’t get to enjoy the chocolate fudge which I had squirreled away onto the side of the plate.

Prana Chai; spices, tea, honey, ginger $4.50

The chai was spicy and delish. It was brewed with Prana Chai, with the pot of steeped spices offered together with a strainer. The combination with Bonsoy made a really wonderful chai latte.

Merchants Guild is so conveniently located near my workplace that I foresee many more visits in the near future.

The Little Elephant
23 Spring Street
Vic 3190
+61 3 9555 4369
The Little Elephant on Urbanspoon

The little elephant

I checked out The Little Elephant one morning before a seminar. I love the name and the cute little elephant figurines scattered around the café. Elephants, what’s there not to love?


I started off with coffee: a single origin piccolo latte from Colombia. As I enjoyed its cherry sweetness, I perused the menu and was impressed by the drink offerings. House blend coffees are made with Chompy beans (from Sensory Lab), chai is brewed by Prana Chai and Mörk provides for the hot chocolate.

piccolo latte
Piccolo latte (Colombian Santuario) $4

I almost choked out “heh” when breakfast was set in front of me. It was pancakes, but cut up and served in a bowl. I tackled my already dismembered dish with the fork and knife provided. The texture of the pancakes were slightly rubbery, seemingly so from too much egg in the batter. The poached rhubarb and lemon curd saved the dish with the sweet tangy fruit accompaniments masking the pancake and making it more edible.

Elephant pancakes with rhubarb, praline and lemon curd $12.50

The Little Elephant is situated in the residential heart of Highett and serves a convenient hangout for family get-togethers or casual chilling.



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7 responses to “Bayside Brunching

  1. OMFG I totally need those buckwheat pancakes and the elephant pancakes too!

    (Although I wouldn’t say no to crumbed feta.. yummm)

  2. fatboo

    Haha, that’s a very odd presentation of pancakes!! You’re covering a region of Melbourne I would hardly venture to, but looks like Merchants Guild is worth a visit.

  3. ohh, merchant’s Guild looks lovely!!!
    Miss SL

  4. Totally agree. Love Uncle Bart’s and have had great food from the Merchants Guild – though eggs served on a board is a bit peculiar

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