Balderdash, Truman Cafe

295 Bay Street
Port Melbourne
Vic 3207 +61 3 9077 3813
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Whenever Fakebooo or myself is departing from or arriving into Melbourne, we try to give each other a lift to or from the airport. This usually includes brunch, if time permits. Fakebooo is currently in France, enjoying wine and cheese and flaky pastries. His Instagram feed have been leaving me green with envy: the scenery and the food are spectacular! Anyway on the day of his flight, we had brunch around our local.

(Top) Magic $3
(Bottom) Piccolo latte $3

Balderdash is a pretty café located at the corner of Bay Street and Bridge Road in Port Melbourne. It has comfy couch seats, dog-friendly al fresco tables and archaic knick-knacks dispersed around the interior.

(Left) Cappucino $3
(Right) Piccolo latte $3

Balderdash takes coffee seriously. House blend coffees are brewed from 5 Senses beans, and there are also other varieties of beans and brew. The Angmoh and I had a magic and piccolo latte respectively and Fakebooo, having had his morning coffee and being a caffeine lightweight, settled for a calming chamomile tea. We were accidentally given a cappuccino as well and we were tempted to keep it and enjoy. It looked perfectly made! Nevertheless, we had no complaints of our own coffees, the deep chocolatey flavours of the blend came through nicely.

Egyptian eggs – two poached eggs, asparagus and dukkah served on turkish bread with a home made hommus and beetroot relish $16

Our brunch came quickly enough for a packed café on a weekend. The Angmoh and Fakebooo had the Egyptian eggs, which was featured on the specials menu, while I went predictable with smashed avo and eggs. We were pleasantly impressed with the consistency of the poached eggs. All 6 eggs were perfectly poached, with yolks bursting to bleb out a stream of liquid vibrant orange. While Fakebooo thought the beetroot relish was slightly too sweet, and The Angmoh wished for a meaty counterpart to complete the dish, I had no complaints with mine. The generous serve of avocado and feta were smashed to the right degree, with some of the fruit and cheese retaining some shape and providing a burst of flavour and texture.

Avocado, lime and goats cheese on turkish bread, topped wih a soft poached egg $14.50

Brunch that Saturday morning was a quick and pleasant affair. There were mild kinks in service, with us receiving duplicate serves of coffee and tea, but otherwise, with faultless coffee and poached eggs and a stone’s throw away from home, Balderdash will be seeing the likes of me again soon enough.



Truman Café
381 Montague Street
Albert Park
Vic 3206
+61 3 9077 1372
Truman Cafe on Urbanspoon


On a blustery Wednesday morning, I took The Sausage for a 2 hour walk after dropping my car off to be serviced. He sprinted along the beach, stopping multiple times to check that I was keeping up with my casual sauntering. We stopped at Truman Café for breakfast and much needed sustenance.

Flat white $3.50

As The Sausage gratefully quenched his thirst from the provided doggie water bowl, I sipped at my flat white. The Di Bella brew had a deep cocoa intensity with a mild burnt aftertaste.


I was curious to try the poached eggs with Napoli sauce. The combination is not often seen at many cafes and I am a sucker for tomato-based sauces. I liked how the dish was served on ciabatta and not just ubiquitous sourdough slices, and the homemade Napoli sauce was fresh with mild tomato tang. The Sausage wasn’t too impressed by his dehydrated chicken breast but was quite taken with the chorizo from my dish. (I couldn’t resist those puppy eyes.)

Connie’s Eggs – poached eggs, napoli, chorizo, spinach $15.50

I managed to get a quick glimpse of the interior of the café when I headed in to pay. It is random, odd and quaint, with red soldiers lining up for battlement and dinosaurs guarding the muffins.

IMG_5721 (2)

The next time your puppy dog takes you for a walk along Middle Park Beach, head down Truman’s way for a break and a bite.



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    I’ve actually never heard of those cafes (some foodie I am!) but they look like they’re worth visiting if you’re in the area. Thanks for sharing!

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