Wonderbao, Hero

Shop 4
19-37 A’Beckett Street
Vic 3000
+61 3 9654 7887
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1 Stewart Street
Vic 3000
+61 3 9995 4655
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The Northern part of Melbourne city is blooming with new food joints. RMIT has undergone swanky renos around the Swanston/Franklin Street campus and food stalls have seized this opportunity to germinate and pop.

gua bao
(Top) Braised pork belly gua bao – pickled mustard, coriander and crushed peanuts $4.20
(Bottom) Fried silky tofu gua bao – pickled mustard, coriander, sweet soy sauce and crushed peanuts $4.20

Wonderbao has been around for a little while and a rave developed over their gua baos. My memories of gua baos involve family dinners at my grandparents’ in Singapore, with my grandma’s homemade braised pork belly. Slices of unctuous fatty pork tenderly cradled by steamed fluffy soft buns and then drizzled lavishly with oily flavourful dark sauce. Yum indeed.

I popped into Wonderbao on a lonesome Wednesday arvo. Fakebooo had departed for France and I was left on my own to fend for myself. Perched on a barstool with a graffiti-strewn laneway as my view, I tucked into a tofu and a pork belly gua bao, washing it down with homemade soy milk.

Homemade organic soya milk (cold) $3

The drink was unsweetened with a wonderful soy nuttiness. The buns were soft and pillowy and they both tasted pretty damn good. I really liked the vegetarian bao, the salty pickled vegetable provided a good taste and textural contrast against the soft silky tofu.

Wonderbao also offers the “contemporary” dim sum-style buns such as lotus seed paste and BBQ pork. The taro is a favourite and “orh nee” lovers should definitely give this a go.


After my bao escapade, I hopped (not quite literally) a stone’s throw down to Hero. Created by the people behind The Grain Store, I’ve heard they make good delicious subs. However, I was after something a little more sinful… donuts.

“Hotballs” – jam (left) and jaffa (right) $2.80 each

Mmmmmmm. Hero’s donuts are filled with jaffa or jam and these bad boys are sensational. There’s nothing quite like biting into a warm ball of deep-fried dough, stuffed with creamy orange milk chocolate or sweet berry jam.

With these eateries and a whole lot more of other deliciousness (Rose Garden, Darac etc) at their feet, I’m rather envious of RMIT students. Maybe I should consider becoming a student again, just to savour city food.



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6 responses to “Wonderbao, Hero

  1. Yum town.. perfect day out I think!

  2. winstonthehungryexcavator

    YUMMO! You’re right — these RMIT kids are so darn lucky. You need to try their subs next time also Jo. I don’t normally enjoy bread or buns or rolls but I really liked them! Still need to bring myself to try one of the Bao places as well. One day, one day…

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