Drugstore Espresso, Parlour Diner

The Angmoh is usually a follower when it comes to making decisions about where to eat. Once (or twice) in a blue moon he offers a suggestion and I accommodate most of the time. This post covers 2 places initiated by The Angmoh and they both happen to be around Prahran.

Drugstore Espresso
194 Toorak Road
South Yarra
Vic 3141
+61 3 9827 5058
Drugstore Espresso on Urbanspoon


Several months ago, The Angmoh suggested Drugstore Espresso as a brunch option. I was going to drag him to Two Birds One Stone but the queue on a mid-Sunday morning in gale force winds was not worth battling. We hopped over to Drugstore and was seated in just 5 minutes.


With our table over-looking the ground floor where the baristas are positioned, we had a great view of the comings and goings of the café: the dextrous twists of wrists followed by steady pours of hot steamed milk, the bursts and hiss of white steam pre-queued by the grinding of roasted beans. It was a chaotic symphony of caffeine.


Having visited with Fakebooo, Ashley and Winston during my pre-blogger days, I recall scrumptious food and decent coffee. After a slight initial misunderstanding between a piccolo latte and a magic, our (correct) coffees were set before us. Brewed from Rosso beans, our coffees were creamy with faint cocoa hints.

Eastern Eggs – Dukkah poached eggs with sautéed spinach and crumbled feta salsa on quinoa toast $14

The Angmoh spied Dukkah eggs on the menu and immediately settled for it. He does have a weak spot for this particular brunch dish.  The poached eggs bled brilliantly over the Middle Eastern spice blend. While it met The Angmoh’s approval, it didn’t quite match up to the top 3 on his Egyptian eggs list (Gaia, Bluebird and Porgie).

Ruben by Drugstore – house corned beef with chipotle mayo, slaw and pickles on sourdough $10

My Reuben sandwich was very satisfying. The house-cured beef was tasty and the sandwich had just the right amount of mayo with the chipotle giving a decent kick of heat.

Drugstore Espresso’s fare is pleasant and worth a go if you’re in the area.

Parlour Diner
64 Chapel Street
Vic 3181
+61 3 9533 2006
Parlour Diner on Urbanspoon


The Angmoh does not have a very strong sweet tooth but he is a sucker for milk shakes. His favourite flavour, which confounds the hell out of me, is blue heaven. It is cyan blue, laden with an intolerable amount of sugar and is plain nasty. It’s probably named so due to the quick trip to the gods from a crazed sugar high.

Jarritos – Grapefruit $4.50

After grocery shopping at Prahran market followed by a mandatory visit to coffee mecca, i.e. Market Lane Coffee, The Angmoh suggested Parlour Diner for lunch. He had read about it from Timeout’s milkshake review.

Old school chocolate malt shake $6.50

From across the road, Parlour Diner looked dark and dingy but stepping in transplants you into American retro times. Blue vinyl seats, swivel leather bar stools and the smell of hot oil and salt confirms it all.

With only 2 choices of milkshakes (no disgusting blue heaven, thank the Lord), The Angmoh settled for chocolate malt. It was one of the best we’ve ever had. It was nicely thick, with a consistency that did not require strong suction to get it to move up the straw. There was a good depth of chocolate with little traces of malt. The Angmoh savoured it in silent appreciation.

Jalapeño poppers with paprika avocado dip $12

The jalapeño poppers didn’t quite turn out what I quite had in mind. I was expecting little jalapeño bites, perhaps stuffed with cheese. What I got was 3 whole pickled jalapeños, covered with a thick layer of batter and deep fried. The accompanying paprika aioli and avocado provided some relief against the oily cloying battered chilli.

Our blue ribbon crispy fried chicken (4 pieces) $20

The plate of chicken set upon us left us beyond words. The four deboned pieces were juicy and god damn tasty. The blend of herbs and spices in the marinade was perfect and I really loved the accompanying tangy green dip. The bed of seasoned curly fries warranted our attention and stomach space. We were floating in deep-fried goodness.

I initially stepped foot into Parlour Diner with some trepidation but it was all washed away by the milkshake and fried chickadee. Neighbouring patrons had tucked into tender finger-licking ribs and towering juicy burgers with cries of “oh my god”, and that is the siren call to tempt me back.



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6 responses to “Drugstore Espresso, Parlour Diner

  1. Oooh! Really keen on Parlour now.. MmMmm

  2. Drugstore Espresso! Blast from the past! I used to work across the road from there so would often pop in for a coffee. 🙂

    I remember blue heaven too – my brother used to have them all the time at Pancake Parlour when we were little, so it’s a happy memory for me, even though now I think they look gross! 🙂

  3. Ugh, the queues at Two Birds One Stone are always so ridiculous! It’s a nice enough place but I don’t think I’d have the patience to queue there again – Drugstore Espresso for me next time!

    I’ve been dying to try Parlour Diner and the chicken looks fab!

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