Proud Mary

Proud Mary
172 Oxford Street
Vic 3066
+61 3 9417 5930
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With so many new cafes erupting in Melbourne, sometimes visiting a dependable oldie is just the thing needed. The Angmoh and I were heading off to India and we needed to satisfy three impending weeks of hot milky coffee-flavoured water and so, paid a visit to Proud Mary on the very morning of our departure date.

Magics $3.50 each

The coffee at Proud Mary is the real deal. Baristas and cafes and single origins and latte art are galore in Melbourne, so let’s face it: there’s coffee and there’s f**kin’ good coffee. The latter makes  you close your eyes as the sweet, astringent or bitter nuances roll around in your mouth, chased with silky smooth caresses on the insides of your cheeks and leaves you no choice but to release an appreciative “Ahhhhh…” That, my friends, is how I feel each time I sip on a cuppa brewed at Proud Mary.

House smoked salmon – beetroot cured house smoked salmon, endives, fennel, pomegranate, basil and a poached egg with citrus dressing $17.50

And it’s not just the coffee, for food is equally as impressive. I had brunch envy at The Angmoh’s salmon salad. It was bursting with fresh colours and flavours. Sweet juicy maroon pomegranate, salty soft coral fish, bitter crisp purply-white endive and aniseedy celadon fennel. It was an artful brunch dish, alluringly beautiful to admire and eat.

Frank n Beans – House pork and fennel sausage, poached egg, garlic fried sourdough $17.50

My brunch dish of ham hock and beans was a hearty stew, laden with rich tomato sauce and full of protein goodness. The smoked meat was tender, accentuated by the crunch of panko. The beans were braised with onion, carrot and celery. I also picked up aromatic hints of mustard and fennel seeds.

Ricotta Hotcakes $16.50

Another dish that I simply must rave about is the ricotta pancakes that I had sometime ago. It was a gorgeously stacked dish of dense fluffy pancakes, drenched in apricot syrup and topped with a quenelle of rich decadent dark chocolate. The ricotta pancakes is featured in the everyday menu, with the toppings changing according to season. Run a marathon then bring an empty stomach for this baby will definitely leave you moaning in sinful bliss.


Proud Mary nails all the café elements in the right spots so head over and grab a coffee in her iconic baby blue, tuck into decadent delicious food and enjoy the scene. You never know, you just might stumble across my view.



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