Cup of Truth, Pardon Coffee, Stovetop Cafe

Cup of Truth
12 Campbell Arcade
Degraves Street Subway (below Flinders Street)
Vic 3000
+61 498 256 786
Cup of Truth on Urbanspoon

Pardon Coffee
Shop 4
155 Greville Street
Prahran 3181
Pardon Coffee on Urbanspoon

cup of truth

Last year, Fakebooo and I did a coffee CBD trail and discovered a literally hidden gem. Cup of Truth was a delightful surprise located underground near Flinders Station. We were bestowed 2 excellent magics brewed with Axil beans. As we nursed our coffees while perched on rattly plastic milk crates, I reflected on how different beans can produce a different coffee in the hands of different baristas. The fact that there can be so many variables factored to produce one single cup of excellence can be mind-boggling.


Fast-forward 365 days and some, we learnt news that Cup of Truth was going to have a sister in Prahran. Like coffee groupies that we are, Fakebooo and I journeyed across the Yarra and located the café in the hipsterdom of Greville Street.


It is small, seats just about the number of people you can count on both hands and is furnished in eclectic randomness. The only thing that makes real sense is the coffee. The Axil brew was beautiful to look at and savour. Bright notes of zest and citrus lay dormant under vibrato fabricated latte art.


Food options are minimal but boasts of Matt Forbes’ delightful creations. We split a lemon olive oil cake between us. It was tart and fruity and made a faultless pairing with our coffees.

Magic $3.70

Pardon coffee is more easily accessed, has more comfy seating and offers consistent delicious coffees. There’s certainly no need for pardoning.

100 Leicester Street
Vic 3053
+61 3 9347 2010
Stovetop on Urbanspoon


Cookie Monster and I caught up for brunch at Stovetop recently. We opted to sit outside and soak up some Vitamin D. It also allowed the parking cheapo in me to keep an eye on my car, which was parked in one of the few ½P, unmetered lots. (By the way, I did move my car 35 30 minutes later, so ha!)


I was debating between having chai (by Prana) or coffee (by 5 Senses). I succumbed to the latter, which turned out milk-chocolatey and light.


We gossiped, reminisced and discussed birthday celebrations. We went vego that morning, sticking with simple scrambled eggs for Cookie Monster and baked duck egg with vegetables for me.

Piccolo latte $3.60

The scrambled eggs were fluffy and had good texture but could do with less salt. My baked dish had lovely flavours from the za’atar and feta. I generously dumped all the pumpkin onto Cookie Monster’s plate. She ate it all without any complaints.

Scrambled Green Eggs with toast $9

While we both agreed that our dishes were pretty good, they could do with a gentler amount of seasoning: both dishes were salty and the slices of bread were saturated with melted butter.

baked egg
Duck egg baked in sautéed spinach, roast pumpking, Persian fetta with house za’atar and toast $13

Located in the Carlton section of the University of Melbourne, this campus café is bound to attract hungry uni kids.



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5 responses to “Cup of Truth, Pardon Coffee, Stovetop Cafe

  1. I haven’t been to any of those places yet – and would probably hold off since I’m trying to ween myself off caffeine unfortunately! Stovetop is definitely the first cafe on my list when I start drinking coffee again!

  2. I wish I still had weekdays off so I could visit Pardon Coffee more often! I think you guys could organise a coffee tour around Melbourne being such coffee fanatics haha

  3. Ooh! I did like the chai I had at Cup of Truth, will have to mosey on down to Prahran to check the new space!

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