197 Gertrude Street
Vic 3065
+61 3 9415 6101
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Some seasons ago, The Angmoh took me out to Añada for dinner. I had mentioned wanting to check out the refurbished restaurant after having a good experience a couple of years ago when Fakebooo took me out on a birthday date.


The restaurant now sports a row of perched wall tables for intimate dining. The inside is kept sensually dim with warm candlelight glowing from each table. As I sipped on spicy tempranillo and nibbled on chewy sourdough, I experienced the same feeling when I first dined at Anada.

Charcoal grilled lamb ribs with harissa $3 each


(Left) Fried aubergine with labneh, chilli and mint $4 each
(Right) House smoked mussels (Spring Bay) $3 each

We started off with a selection of tapas. There were charred, moreishly tender lamb ribs paired with fresh spicy harissa, and rich creamy croquettes with the heady earthy fragrance of mushroom and smokey, lightly scorched chorizo.

(Top) Otway Ranges pork belly with fennel seed and smoky aubergine $20
(Bottom) Salt baked beetroot, yoghurt, walnut and pickled apple $11

We advanced onto raciones of crispy pork belly and beetroot salad. While the pork was gentle and tender and the crackle perfectly crisp, it failed to inspire my butt-wiggly dance. The bed of smokey eggplant, on the other hand, won our hearts over. It was just mouth-wateringly delicious and we simply had to ask for more bread to mop it up. The beetroot salad was also a winner, with a seamless pairing of sweet soft beetroot with tangy pickled apple.

Crema catalane $12

Our meal ended on a sweet note with the vanillary eggy crema catalana, complete with a perfect singed top.


Dinner at Añada was an enjoyable affair. There is a romantic vibe and when paired with sexy delicious food, it makes one perfect date night.


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