Prospect Espresso, Bread and Jam for Frances

Prospect Espresso
2a Prospect Hill Road
Vic 3124
+61 3 9882 7359
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Bread and Jam for Frances
1/701 Glenferrrie Road
Vic 3122
+61 3 9819 2122
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bread n jam

Fakebooo, Eone and myself headed towards Camberwell for a Wednesday threesome brunch. It was pouring heavily that day but we refused to let Melbourne’s unstable summer weather get in our way. With the car wipers working furiously and headlights beaming brightly, we were welcomed by the warm cosy space of Prospect Espresso and the smile of a super cute waiter. *wink*

Piccolo latte $3.80

We warmed up quickly with coffees. Eone had a soy latte and I had a piccolo latte. The houseblend is by Rosso, with light sweet and smooth notes. Fakebooo’s Ethiopian single origin was a wonderful start, with lovely tangy hints of blueberries.

Rocket, herbs and goats cheese omelette, served on sourdough toast $14

I wasn’t feeling adventurous foodwise that morning, and had a simple omelette with goats cheese and rocket. It was unpretentious and lovely and was just what I needed. I loved the sourdough bread for its really strong sour taste and chewy texture.

Chorizo Croquettes – served with poached eggs and smoked tomato vinaigrette $16.50

Fakebooo had chorizo croquettes with a smoked tomato salsa. The croquettes were creamy and had a sweet crisp shell. They were absolutely moreish. The salsa was outstanding with a delightful unforseen smokiness and balsamic tang. It was such a fantastic pairing.

Truffled Brioche – sautéed mushrooms, asparagus, poached eggs and truffled hollandaise $17

Eone’s mushroom dish was intoxicating with the aroma of truffles. I had a little lick of hollandaise and surprisingly liked it! The texture was rich and thick without an overpowering cloying flavour.


We left Prospect Espresso with our bellies full but food rascals that we are, had prospects of dessert in mind!


I needed to get a book as a Christmas present so we battled the rain once again in Fakebooo’s speedy Ford and drove towards Hawthorn. OK I lie. I really wanted to get almond croissants from Bread & Jam for Frances and it just happened sit inside of Readings. I did get the book, I promise.

(From left) Croissant, Almond croissant, Fruit bun

Bread & Jam for Frances is by Dench and their almond croissants are my absolute favourite. I love how their almond pate is not overly sweet without the plasticky taste of almond essence. I had one of these babies to go, along with a fruit bun for The Angmoh.

(Left) Raspberry frangipani tart $6.50
(Right) Orange cake (GF) $5.70

Us 3 greedy pigs had cake and tea before venturing into the bookshop. The orange cake was moist with orange juice and not too sweet. The raspberry frangipane was really nice from the tart berries, almond meal and brown sugar. The sweet delights from Bread & Jam had our tummies satisfied at last! I hear their beesting is fantabulous as well, but unfortunately only available on weekends. Their headquarters in Brunswick produces it on a daily basis however, which means a foreseeable trip to Dench soon!


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