Footscray Milking Station, Sourdough Kitchen, Nhu Lan

Footscray Milking Station
35 Bunbury Street
Vic 3011
+61 3 9029 9240
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Sourdough Kitchen
172 Victoria Street
Vic 3011
+61 3 9687 5662
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Nhu Lan
116 Hopkins Street
Vic 3011
+61 3 9689 7296
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Having travelled East last week, Fakebooo, Eone and I headed West in our most recent brunch get together. I needed to top up on Asian groceries so Footscray it was! Since Eone and I had yet to try Footscray Milking Station, and it was close to Little Saigon, we decided to brunch there.


Footscray Milking Station is one of the pioneer brunch cafes in the suburb. We approached the blue milkbar-turned-café and stepped past its cheerful green doors, Fakebooo remarking that they had expanded since his previous visit.


Herbal tea pot – Green-rose $4
Fresh seasonal and squeezed daily citrus juice – Grapefruit $6.50
Cafe Latte – $3.50

As we waited for food to come, we sipped on lattes, fresh grapefruit juice and green-rose tea. I had to have the pulled pork panini after hearing raving praises from Fakebooo. It was delish! The Panini was well-toasted and generously stuffed with soft tender pulled pork. I recommend drizzling just a dash of hot sauce into the sandwich, it helps to offset the sweetness from the pork and apple.

(Left) Pork Panini – pulled pork, pickled cabbage, caramelised apple, seeded mustard mayonnaise $10.50
(Right) Vegan wrap – truffled soy mayonnaise, sweet onion, peppers, mixed bean fritters, spinach $10

Eone went for the vegan wrap. It was seasoned with Middle Eastern flavours and I kinda liked the chewy filling. Fakebooo’s green eggs and ham was really nice too. The amount of chopped in basil was perfect, but I thought the eggs were just slightly over-scrambled. The salad of fennel was a refreshing and different accompaniment to the breakfast dish.

Green eggs & ham – scrambled eggs, basil, squacquarone cheese, free range ham, black sesame seeds, fennel salad, crouton $17

After a satisfying breakfast, we drove towards Seddon to fulfil Fakebooo’s craving for sourdough croissants. Yup, you heard that right, sourdough croissants. Who would think to incorporate a sourdough started into buttery dough, only to be layered up and baked to produce flaky stretchy sourdough pastries!

Almond croissant (takeaway) $3.20

Alas, Fakebooo’s favourite chocolate croissant had sold out. He settled for the almond croissant which I had tried previously and found the almond pate a little too sweet for my liking. I took away a chocolate berry scroll and a fruit bun. The smell of sourdough is always unexpected and a pleasant surprise. The scroll was dense and chewy with the tangy flavours of soft berries well contrasted with the crunch of bittersweet dark chocolate. The Angmoh toasted the fruit bun and slathered on a mound of butter. He really loved it.


(Top) Berry and chocolate scroll (takeaway) $4.20
(Bottom) Fruit bun (takeaway) $2.50

That day, before we bid farewell to Footscray, a stopover at Nhu Lan was inevitable. Nhu Lan has the best banh mi in Melbourne, in my humble opinion. These Vietnamese sandwiches are mini baguettes, filled with a filing of choice, and topped up with lightly pickled carrot, a splice of cucumber and a sprig of spring onion. The most popular filling is the mixed ham, which I am not a big fan of. There’s something about jellied meat that just does not appeal to me. Tofu and kebab are my and The Angmoh’s personal favourites respectively. Rectangular cubes of tofu are gently braised with spring onion while the kebab is more like a grilled sweet pork sausage. I always ask for no pate, no butter and yes to chilli.


The west has burgeoned into a foodie haven. There’s wonderful brunch options, fantastic coffee and ridiculously inexpensive and scrumptious meals for dining in or taking away.



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3 responses to “Footscray Milking Station, Sourdough Kitchen, Nhu Lan

  1. I love Nhu Lan!!! I recently got hooked onto their salad roll. Not too sure whether is it on their menu but a colleague recommended and just fell in love after the 1st bite.

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