Trippy Taco, Spring Street Grocer

Trippy Taco
234 Gertrude Street
+61 3 9415 7711
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Trippy Taco is a popular vegetarian joint in food-happening Gertrude Street. Recognized by its standout orange façade, it was well-patronized by welfare-advocating vegans, hippy vegetarians and even meat-loving carnivores.

Tofu asada burrito – large flour tortilla wrap, with chargrilled tofu, goats cheese, mozzarella, salad, salsa, guacamole and a squeeze of fresh lime $11

I’ve only tried one thing and one thing alone at Trippy Taco. The tofu asada burrito is so freaking awesome that I can never go past having it when I’m there. It is generously filled to bursting with charred squeaky tofu, cheese, salsa and guacamole. It makes a perfect Meatless Monday meal and totally fills me up. I convinced The Angmoh that that tofu burrito was super awesome and he ordered one too. He lacks the jaw-dislocating serpentine mechanism that I have and needed to open the burrito up to cut up with fork and knife. He gave it the thumbs up. (I can’t actually dislocate my jaw.)


There is a cabinet stocked with hot sauce, arranged according the heat levels. We drizzled on some triple-xtra hot habanero sauce and boy does it burn!

Trippy taco does breakfast too and that may be my only chance at sampling something different.

Spring Street Grocer
157 Spring Street
Vic 3000
+61 3 9639 0335
Spring St Grocer on Urbanspoon


There’s been new introductions to Melbourne’s ice cream/gelato scene recently. Gelato Messina and N2 hail from Sydney and have set up shop in Collingwood. Having driven past and spying ridiculous queues, I’m waiting for the hype to die down before taking a stab. Meanwhile, there’s always Melbourne’s originals to contend with. Apart from Jocks and Helados Jauja, my other favourite gelato go-to is Spring Street Grocer.


It is a grocer that offers specialty goods (think Thomas Dux or Simon Johnson) and also triples up as a cheese cellar and gelato stand. Scoops of gelato at Spring Street are on the pricey side but quality ingredients go in, and vivid and unique combinations are created. The texture of the gelato is smooth, round and creamy with actual ingredients used to procure real flavours.


I had buffalo ricotta and berries. The taste of buffalo milk was pronounced and the creamy powdery ricotta paired beautifully with the sweet slightly tangy berries.

Fakebooo ordered from the non-dairy section and had avocado, lime and coriander gelato. It was an interesting meld of flavours, which worked really well and made Fakebooo gush that it was “one of the most delightful sorbets”.

(Top) Avocado, lime and coriander (single scoop) $5
(Bottom) Buffalo ricotta and berries (single scoop) $5

We loved having a bite of my ricotta berry gelato, followed quickly by a lick of avocado, lime and coriander sorbet. I made the remark of “It made the zest go poof” and The Angmoh insisted I include the quote in this post.


Now that Melbourne’s summer has finally decided to make a proper appearance, cool yourself down proper with a satisfying hit of gelato the next time you’re in the CBD.



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