2 Birds 1 Stone, Zumbo

Two Birds One Stone
12 Claremont Street
South Yarra
Vic 3141
+61 3 9827 1228
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Zumbo Patisserie
14 Claremont Street
South Yarra
Vic 3141
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One Sunday morning, after The Angmoh had finished his rowing class, we made a beeline for Two Birds One Stone. Previous visits have resulted in abandonment due to long queues and impatience on our part. That morning, as I powerwalked down Claremont Street, an odd marshmallowy-melting-candlewax of bizarrement appeared before me. Zumbo’s, here’s where you are! Having stumbled upon it, I made up my mind to make away with dessert from the famous bald dessert-creating Sydneysider even before we sat down for brunch.

Smashed avocado and feta with capers, tomato, radish, shallots and dill on toast $15.50
Add poached egg $2.50 each

Two Birds One Stone is pretty and classy. Some of its décor elements can be found in sister Top Paddock. My previous visits have always ended up with me ordering the ham hock sandwich so when I noticed that this wasn’t on the menu, I was tied between emotions. There was disappointment as I could not sink my teeth into their delicious house-made melt-in-the-mouth perfectly salted and bloody tasty ham, but there was also elation, as I could finally move on and try something new.

Leek and potato roesti with house smoked salmon, soft herb salad, pickled cucumber and a poached egg $18

The Angmoh ignored my ramblings and quickly new what he wanted. His smashed avo dish with added poached eggs was described to be “fanbloodytastic”. For such a ubiquitous, almost obligatory item on the menu of every café, 2 birds does this superbly well. The creamy avo was half smashed with good quality feta and the poached eggs bled out their scaldingly-bright orange yolks in a viscous flow.


I made my decision after a long moment of humming and hawing. The roesti with house cured salmon was simply wonderful. My poached egg was momentarily forgotten and was set down in its own little dish before I initiated. It was a beautiful mix of tastes and textures. There were flavours of fresh herbs from mint, dill and parsley, paired with sharp pickled cucumber, contrasted against brackish fishy salmon only to be smoothed over by buttered potatoes and leeks.


(Left) Piccolo latte $3.80
(Right) Iced chocolate $6

Of course I can’t complete a brunch post without a mention of coffees. Brewed from 5 Senses beans, my piccolo latte was nutty, rounded and very creamy. The Angmoh’s iced chocolate, almost forgotten, came as we were almost done with our meal. It was thick and overpowered by chocolate syrup.


Saturated with artificial sweet chocolate, The Angmoh refused to select a cake from Zumbo, much to my despair. I pleaded and prodded for him to order his favourite flourless orange cake but he was stubborn as a mule. As we stood in queue, I stretched, bent, twisted and poked my head around to read the descriptions of the cakes on offer. Wassaup-bi was an interesting and odd combination of banana, peanut butter and wasabi. And you know what, it totally worked! The velvety wasabi was mild and complimented the nutty praline and heady banana.

Wassaup-bi – banana bread, peanut crunch, banana jelly, chiffon cake, wasabi ganash, peanut Chantilly $9

I was extremely pleased with our food adventures that Sunday morning. Two Birds One Stone offers good coffee and brilliant food. There was the occasional slip in service that was quickly rectified and that is absolutely excusable on a busy Sunday morning. This little pairing in South Yarra is definitely a foodie’s must-try.



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