Jock’s Ice Cream, Messina Gelato

Jocks 2

Come on Melbourne, what’s going on with the summer weather? First there were nice warm days, followed by torrential downpours, and now there’s a continuous splat of 40-something degree days. Stepping out means getting seared by the heat and blistered by hot winds. A single movement results in instantaneous perspiration. Sure, we know the drill about keeping cool: stay in shaded areas, drink copious amounts of cool liquids and dress in lightweight clothes. I have another tip: ice cream. Gallons and gallons of it. Lick it, swallow it, bathe in it, drown in it. I have several places to recommend for getting your fix. Having blogged about Helados Jauja and Spring Street Grocer already, I thought I’d finally mention a local favourite that I’ve been patronizing over the past few years, Jocks.

Jock’s Ice Cream
83 Victoria Ave
Albert Park
Vic 3206
+61 3 9686 3838
Jock's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon
Jocks 3

Located in Albert Park, Jocks resembles an old-school neighbourhood-sort of ice cream parlour. Expect to see beachy people and hopeful mutts lining up to get a creamy cool-down on hot summer days.

Jocks 1
Obamarama, single scoop, waffle cone

My favourite flavour has to be the Obama Rama, which consists of peanut butter and jelly. I’ve also tried the gingerbread, rum and raisin, chocolate, vanilla and mint. While they are all very good, I always succumb to the call of peanut butter. The flavour of peanut butter is light and the jam is sweet and splotched throughout the ice cream. Spiders and shakes and home-made stock (WTH right?) are available too.

Jocks 4
(Left) Chocolate, single scoop, regular cone
(Right) Mint choc chip, single scoop, cup

Gelato Messina
237 Smith Street
Vic 3065
+61 3 9017 5470
Gelato Messina Fitzroy on Urbanspoon


Fakebooo, FBB and I finally hit up Gelato Messina after a brilliant brunch at Lemon, Middle and Orange, which I will blog about soon. We had driven past on a previous evening and saw the horde awaiting outside and took off without batting an eyelash. This time round, we rocked up, 40 degrees and sweltering, just before doors open. We oohed and ahhed at the colourful domes of gelato and quickly got in line to place our order. Being a true peanut butter fan and all, I couldn’t resist P Nutty and Fakebooo and FBB shared a cup of pandan, mango and apple pie.

(Left) P Nutty – peanut butter gelato with peanut cookies and peanut fudge, 1 scoop $4
(Right) Apple pie, Mango sorbet, Pandan and coconut sorbet, 3 scoops $7

Gelato Messina’s ice cream has to be the smoothest and creamiest ice creams I’ve ever come across. My scoop of P Nutty was rich and intense, with hidden chunks of peanut buttery fudge. Amongst the 3 flavours between the FakeBs, I really liked the pandan. It was a sorbet and the flavours of pandan and coconut were well-balanced and gentle.

IMG_7322mint ice cream
Takeaway tub, 500ml $10

Not forgetting about The Angmoh, I took away a tub of chocolate mint ice cream for my man. I love how the Styrofoam tub is further packaged into a cute cake takeaway box.


There you go, folks. Survive this 5 day heat blitz with a delicious cool down the smart way: the yummy ice cream way.


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