De Clieu

De Clieu
187 Gertrude Street
Vic 3065
+61 3 9416 4661
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The Angmoh did a rarity one weekend and suggested a brunch venue. He had forgotten that we’d previously stopped for coffees at this particular café when we first started going out. He only remembered after I pointed out the standing nook in De Clieu.

De Clieu’s fitout offers a variety of options for customers: there’s the standing corner for coffee sipping, the tables for digging into food, and window spaces for getting cosy and catching up with friends.

(Left) Piccolo latte (Hunapu Guatemala) $4
(Right) Magic $4

The menu has expanded from when I last ate and the coffee beans are now by Five Senses. I was very impressed by how quickly we were served food and coffee that busy Saturday morning. The Angmoh had a magic and it was lovely. It was creamy, round-bodied and sweet with hints of dark chocolate. My single origin piccolo latte was bright and sweet with cherries.

Poached free range eggs, quinoa soya sourdough, eggplant kasundi $10.50
Add smashed avo $3.50

Foodwise, our brunch meals didn’t disappoint. The Angmoh’s smashed avocado was creamy without being too smashed and the chutney was lovely and spiced with cumin and coriander. It had the Angmoh going “Mmm mmm, damn shiok lah!”


I was torn between choices. There was smashed peas, scrambled tofu and miso pea fritters that almost led me to pulling my hair out. I finally settled on beetroot-cured salmon and was really delighted when it was set down. The bright colours of pink and yellow contrasted against neutral white and black had me sighing like a lovesick damsel. I loved the truffled cauliflower puree, it was deliciously creamy and earthy and I scraped every bit of it up. The wasabi powder was a touch bitter and would have perhaps worked as an emulsion instead.

Beetroot cured salmon, truffled cauliflower puree, herb yoghurt, polenta chips, wasabi salt $17

The Angmoh enjoyed his first coffee and downed it all too quickly. His second cup, alas, came rather different from the first. The latte art was blurred and the coffee tasted really hot and burnt. It was replaced, but still didn’t quite seem to match the lovely tones of the very first coffee.

Brunch at De Clieu was enjoyable. While coffees appear to lack consistency, those that are extracted well are delicious. The brunch menu is creative and food is pretty damn good. Service is pleasant, friendly and extremely efficient.


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