East Elevation

East Elevation
351 Lygon Street
Brunswick East
Vic 3057
+61 3 9381 5575
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East Elevation has to be one of the prettiest and most alluring spaces in Melbourne. There’s warm natural light, subtle greens, a whole heap of space and that bright blood red elusive door. Of course, the smell of chocolate just makes it even more so enticing.


Once Monsieur Truffe, East Elevation has kept the chocolate making facilities. Chocolate, eatable and drinkable, is made on-site for on the spot enjoyment or a takeaway indulgence. The menu is creative and varied, and typically hipster, catering to the welfare-sensitive and/or gluten-intolerant.

(Left) Kid’s hot chocolate $3.50
(Right) Monsieur Truffe Couverture 70% house blend $5

Hot chocolate is a must-order. There is the house blend, which is thick, dark and delicious, and single origins are available too. I went with the kiddie size that morning, less calories and still full of anti-oxidants. Double win right?

(Left) Full veggie – eggs any style, sourdough, spicy beans, oven-dried tomato, avocado and sautéed spinach, mushroom $16
(Right) King and swiss brown mushrooms with baby spinach, Meredith goat cheese on grilled rye $16, Add organic free-range egg $3.50

The Booos had a vegetarian brunch that day. FBB’s vegetarian platter had the usual players of baked beans, tomatoes, avocado and spinach. Mushrooms were his choice of protein; tempeh is available too. It made a hearty delicious meal. Fakebooo went for a dish that I would normally dive into. We loved the use of king and Swiss mushrooms. They give so much more flavour compared to the ubiquitous typical button mushroom. The pungent creamy goats cheese complimented the earthiness and chewy textures of the shrooms.

Hot-smoked ocean trout and quinoa salad with orange, wild rice, asparagus and cumin roasted pistachio $19

My gluten-free salad was another winner. The flaked trout worked so well with the citrus segments and the raw onion slices gave bite and lift. It was a perfect summery dish.

East Elevation is a café that I would highly recommend. Having dined a handful of times at this lovely space, I can only wish I lived nearer so I could coddle up to their hot chocolate every single day.



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4 responses to “East Elevation

  1. I looooove this place. They’re doing dinner on Thursday and Friday nights now too, and they’re just as good as the brunches!

  2. Wow this place really does sound fantastic, Jo. Ambience is such a huge factor for me when it comes to brunch because the only time I do have them is on a lazy weekend when I want to unwind. Have to add this place to the list. Good find =)

    • I don’t think you’d be disappointed with this place Winston. It’s so spacious and bright, just being there puts a smile on my face. and the food… the food!!!! the hot chocolate is a must!

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