Foxy Brown Espresso

Foxy Brown Espresso
31 South Crescent
Vic 3070
61 3 9481 4454
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Cookie Monster has moved to Northcote and we arranged for a catch-up one morning. To be honest I also had ulterior motives; she was gonna shout me breakfast and have me check out her new digs.


Having purchased a Living Social Voucher for Foxy Brown and enjoying her breakfast previously, she got another voucher and used it that morning. The deal was $19 for breakfast for two, including a drink each (no more than $5). Despite the voucher, portions were on the generous side and it was good to know that the café didn’t scrimp on quantity just because cheepos like us were dining on a discount.

(Top left) Choc chai latte – phoenix organic chai with a lick of chcolate $4.40
(Bottom right) Piccolo latte $3.80

The café is situated amongst the residential estate of Northcote, a stone’s throw from the train track and not far from busy High Street. Décor is vintage and random, with staff dressed in typical hipster fashion. The menu has a good deal of vegetarian and gluten-free options and the drinks on offer have especially creative names. There’s “Longest Baddest”, which refers to a strong espresso (I think), and “Soyerism”, which pretty much explains itself into a soy latte. Other interesting creations include a soy dandelion latte and carob latte.

Piccolo latte $3.80

Cookie Monster likes the chocolate chai, which tastes like spiced hot chocolate. I settled on an Ethiopian single origin in a piccolo latte. It was slightly astringent with bright citrus notes.

The Atlantic – a generously proportioned homemade potato rosti home a bed of spinach, topped with smoked salmon, a poached egg, creme fraiche, and dill, with a side of tomato relish $18

Cookie Monster’s breakfast was gluten-free. The perfectly poached egg bled brilliantly onto a bed of crisp fluffy potato roesti. They were bound by the salty flavours of the smoked salmon and dill crème fraiche. My vegetarian breakfast comprised of marinated firm tofu, roasted potatoes, roasted mushies and tomatoes. I’m a fan of tofu-anything so this really worked in my favour. The beetroot relish leaned towards the sweet side but with the mushrooms and tofu, I was pretty much in breakfast heaven.

V for Victory – pan fried marinated tofu, baked mushrooms, New York tomatoes and roast tomato served with beetroot relish on sourdough $17

Foxy Brown turned out to be a delightful breakfast place. It was no fuss, full of healthy options accompanied by unique drinks list. The cheapskate in me will be looking out for another internet voucher and I suggest that you do too.



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  1. Screw the other websites. I just come to you now whenever we need to go brunching 🙂

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