De Mad Hatter

De Mad Hatter
747 Collins Street
Vic 3008
+61 3 9620 2226
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mad hatter

Fakebooo and I sometimes try to be adventurous with our brunch dates. Some suburbs are almost literally littered with cafes (e.g. South Melbourne or Collingwood), while others have the occasional coffee hangout.

(Top right) 3/4 latte
(Bottom left) Piccolo latte

We ventured into Docklands one Wednesday morning, accompanied by The Angmoh and Fakebooobooo, who both happened to have the day off as well. Docklands to me, as a Singaporean, is the Sentosa of Melbourne. It’s this little space hanging off the CBD that keeps getting fresh looks and new jazz and yet is not always viewed warmly by the locals. There has been plenty of investment in the Docklands to lure more traffic her way and I suggest more free parking would provide greater incentive to head over there.

(Left) Piccolo latte
(Right) Soy latte

I digress. Back to brunch, I’d chanced past a cutely named café enroute to Little Nyonya and suggested that we check it out. Inspired by a little girl who tumbled down a rabbit’s hole into a weird-ass Wonderland, De Mad Hatter is neat finding in this unforsaken conurbation. I loved how the food items were named after characters or scenes from the story.

big breakfastsmashed avo
(Left) Wonderland Breakfast – 2 eggs, grilled tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms, spinach, sausages on toasted sourdough bread $14.50
(Top) Rabbit’s Breaky with smashed avocado, ricotta cheese & poached eggs on thick sourdough toast $12.50

The breakfast menu offers the usual Melbourne staples of smashed avocado, corn fritters and eggs florentine etc. There is also a large counter near the cashier displaying offerings for lunch and tea, such as salads, pies and sandwiches.

corn fritters
Alice’s Brunch – corn fritters, grilled bacon, tomato, avocado & house made tomato chutney $13

Coffees will suit those not too fussy about their caffeine. Brewed from houseblend beans, I found my piccolo latte to be on the bitter side. FBB’s soy latte tasted like coffee-flavoured soy milk. Our brunch was nothing to shout about. The food was pleasant, albeit the occasional overcooked poached egg and the not-quite smashed avocado.

Queen of heart Florentine – 2 soft poached eggs, smoked salmon, spinach & house made hollandaise on toasted English muffin $12.50

De Mad Hatter offers basic café fare at extremely affordable prices; where else can you get a big breakfast for under $15! It targets the corporate crowd and will suit those in need for a non-pretentious, economical feed.




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4 responses to “De Mad Hatter

  1. Sonya

    I work around there now, I should try this place. I recommend Banoi and 90 Secondi as docklands’ better offerings.

  2. It seems like Docklands is starting to wake up now what with new and decent offerings! But yes, agree with you re: free parking!

  3. winstonthehungryexcavator

    I agree with Lib’s comment above. Good to see the food scene at Docklands picking up!

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