Fat Bob’s Bar and Grill

Fat Bob’s Bar and Grill
80A Cochrane Road
Vic 3189
+61 3 9555 0909
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Writing this post feels me with a sense of regret. Regret that I did not include Fat Bob’s in my burger tours of 2013 (there’s this and this), and so missing out on this delicious burger heaven located in the unassuming industrial estate of Moorabbin.

Gourmet zucchini chips (mayo) $8.50

Blonde Biker Chick has been raving about Fat Bob’s and organised a burger work-gathering on a Friday evening. A narrow al fresco corridor leads to a dining hole glowing with pink neon and vintage posters proclaiming not the very best advice. A time indicator just behind the cashier gives a rough approximation of burger-waiting time and we filled our 45min gap sipping on brew and nibbling on zucchini chips. These are delightfully moreish dipped in mayo, with a crispy shell protecting soft tender pieces of zucchini. Nanny Fin thought they tasted just like regular chips, which must be a good thing.


The burgers at Fat Bob’s have names related to cars and you can try finding the associated poster or sign on the wall. The Jackie O, which appeared right at the top of the list of Melbourne’s Top 10 Burgers (Herald Sun, Feb 2014) was the most popular choice amongst our group that evening. This was followed by Hummer, Spartan and Victa. All the patties are cooked to medium with just a hint of pink showing after taking a huge chomp. They come conveniently wrapped in foil, preventing diners from getting burger juice dripping down the arms. I am a sucker for chilli and had me the Hummer. This mean baby is oh-my-mofo-bloody-good. The bun is soft and sweet and sandwiches a juicy flavoursome patty topped with tasty melted cheese. The spiced mayo could use a lot more heat, but I do have a very high tolerance for chilli. Nevertheless, I was lost for words as I tucked into my burger and my only thought was when I could order my next Fat Bob’s.

(Left) Jackie O – 180g grass fed beef pattie, tomato, Spanish onion, fontina cheese, cos, mustard, tomato & Fat Bob’s Special Sauce $15.50
(Right) Victa – Crumbed chicken fillet, coriander, Asian slaw, Japanese mayo & BBQ sauce $15

Hummer – 180g grass fed beef pattie, tmato, jalepeno, cucumber, tasty cheese & Fat Bob’s ‘HUMMER’ spicy mayo $15

Spartan – 180g grass fed beef pattie, tomato relish, coz, vintage cheese, bacon, onion 2 ways & BBQ sauce $16.50

My colleages loved the burgers they’d ordered. There was silence across the table with the occasional “Mmms” and nods as we were all swept up in an undeniable wave of unanimous approval. Boss M has an extremely refined palate (his favourite snack is dried organic apricots packed by monks and delivered by nuns in a blessed silk khata), and he likes “how the burgers are tasty without being too massive”. I hear he’s already planned to hit up Fat Bob’s for lunch on his next split shift.



Fat Bob makes a helluva burger. It is dangerously close to work and I fear I may end up a fat blob by the end of the year. But then again, there would be no regrets.


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