Fukuryu Ramen, Traveller (NORA Charcoal Tarts)

Fukuryu Ramen
22-26 Corrs Lane
Vic 3000
+61 3 9090 7149
Fukuryu Ramen on Urbanspoon

2/14 Crossley Street
Vic 3000
traveller on Urbanspoon


It’s amazing what pictures of food can trigger off. Just slightly over 72 hours ago, Winston (The Hungry Excavator) posted a couple of pictures of new Ramen shop Fukuryu on Instagram. 24 hours later, Libby (The Very Very Hungry Caterpillar) posted a review on the very same place and the next thing I know, I’m there the very next day having lunch with Long Legs.


Fukuryu is located in the same building as Sichuan House, albeit a couple of flights up. I was the very first customer that day and was greeted in a united rowdy “Irrashaimase”. As I doodled on my phone, checking on Facebook current affairs, the same cheerful greeting signalled the arrival of Long Legs.

Signature Tonkotsu Ramen $9.90

We quickly got down to business. There’s was no fussing about, we knew we what we wanted and got straight into ordering the tonkotsu ramen each. This has got to be one of the best ramen broths in Melbourne. The soup alone blew me away: it was rich with pork flavours and had a strong taste of garlic. The noodles are bouncy, the soft boiled egg soft and gooey and it came with my favourite, marinated bamboo shoots. Long Legs kept going ‘Yum’ as she slurped up mouthfuls of noodles and soup.

We left, smiles on our faces and bellies thoroughly satisfied to the hearty cheer of “Itterasshai”.


But I’m not done yet. I must mention what I did before heading into Chinatown. I must mention breakfast at Traveller, a relatively new coffee joint on the narrow strip of Crossley Street, the very same street of famous Melbourne eateries Von Haus and Gingerboy.


Traveller is conspicuously small, sits just a rough handful and is a perfect place to chill and enjoy a Seven Seeds coffee. And of course, these.

(Clockwise from Left) Lemongrass ginger brulee, Chocolate ganache with navel orange puree and popping candy, Coconut pandan with toasted puff rice $5 each

These ebony-cased beauties are charcoal tarts with the most imaginative and delicious fillings. The greedy oinker in me ordered 3 with the intention of taking them away for afternoon tea. As I sat and sipped on my piccolo latte, something felt amiss and I simply had to fulfil it by munching into the lemongrass brulee tart. The pastry is firm with a good crunch and there is no unpleasant taste of carbon or charcoal. The brulee had a nice torched surgary crisp and the custard was smooth and creamy with lovely flavours of lemongrass.

Piccolo latte $4

I hear this and the pandan tarts sell out quick, so go early and have one. The only problem will be settling on a flavour, but your mouth will thank you once you do.



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6 responses to “Fukuryu Ramen, Traveller (NORA Charcoal Tarts)

  1. Sounds like a perfect ramen and the lemongrass ginger brulee looks very good too!

  2. cltyw

    OMG OMG OMG ! ! ! ! You are definitely making me CRAZY for a bowl of ramen now!!

  3. RickyT

    I tried the ramen and the gyoza. The gyoza stick together and could have been better. Maybe they just open and has not perfected. But the tonkotsu ramen is to die for. Best I’ve tasted so far.

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