Little Tommy Tucker

Little Tommy Tucker
432 Centre Road
Vic 3204
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Working in Bayside has exposed me to several delightful dining places. Little Tommy Tucker (LTT) is one such place. I had a solo breakfast at the beautiful café sometime late last year, and as soon as I stepped foot inside, fell quickly in love with the round communal table at the very end. There is bleached pale wood, bright natural light, lush hanging greens and it’s just the perfect spot to spy right into the kitchen. The warm smiles of the staff at Little Tommy Tucker made staying in love too easy.

Piccolo latte $3.50

I had a piccolo latte brewed from Dukes beans. It was harsh, bitter and full of dark notes, which surprisingly ebbed into a pleasant cookie finish. As for breakfast choices, I was torn between muesli and zucchini cakes. The former got to me with just the words “yoghurt panacotta”. It certainly sent a tingle down my spine. It was a lovely breakfast dish full of textures and flavours. The muesli had crunchy seeds, softened by the creamy gentle panacotta. The poached pear was supple and added just a hint of sweetness and the bursts of ginger created a lively zing.

Yoghurt Panna Cotta, ginger and macadamia Yousli muesli, poached pear, rockmelon cress $13

Fast forward a couple months, Fakebooo suggested having lunch at LTT whilst I was having my split shift break. He went vegetarian with heirloom tomatoes, goats’ cheese and runny poached egg. It was a simple healthy brunchy dish, with the use of quality ingredients and a thoughtful combination of flavours. Fakebooobooo had a carnivorous burger to placate his lunch cravings. The Wagyu patty was a generous thick serve of beef, cooked medium and dripping with flavourful juices.

Tommy Tucker Wagyu burger, tasty cheese, lettuce, pickles, mustard, tomato relish and wedges $19

As for myself, I caught sight of fresh figs and enquired about it. Oh Tommy, you rascal, you truly know the way to my stomach heart. On special that day was crumpets with maple, ricotta and fresh figs. The maple was faint and there was a hint of coconut. It was a charmingly light dish and could easily pass off for breakfast or dessert.

Heirloom tomatoes, whipped goat’s cheese, pesto, poached eggs $17

Little Tommy Tucker is a great addition to the burgeoning brunch scene in Bayside. It’s pleasant throughout, from the amicable service, to the fit out and of course, the food.

Dr Martys crumpets with fresh figs, honeyed ricotta, maple syrup and macadamia nuts $15



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  1. OK, Now I’m hungry!!!! Three hours to Lunch…..

    Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

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