Kass Kass

Kass Kass
490 Flinders Street
Melbourne Vic 3000
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I like to think of myself as a not-that-demanding female. In fact, I suppose I could, in an extremely generous manner of speaking, describe myself to be easily pleased. It doesn’t take much, I promise. Just gather up my girlfriends, chuck us into a karaoke room and complete the night with fried chicken. And so it was on one unforgettable night when Daisy (Never Too Sweet For Me), Ashley (I’m So Hungree) and myself had a 3 hour singing session followed by a lovely meal at Korean restaurant Kass Kass.

Korean style fried chicken – crispy deep fried chicken with homemade batter, served with cabbage salad and daikon pickles $28

We crooned, we swayed, we clapped, we screeched. They got hungry, I got hangry. We climbed into Daisy’s nifty little car and made our way across the city to Flinders Street for KFC. Korean Fried Chicken, to be precise.

Tofu Salad $10

I’ll be honest, I’ve tried the Korean Fried Chicken at Gami and didn’t like it one single bit. I like my fried chicken with minimum batter, maximum seasoning. And no icky sweet sauce to turn it into a smulch of sticky soggy avian mess, thank you very much. The fried chicken at Kass Kass put a smile on my face. The pieces of chicken were juicy, and they weren’t hidden under a thick armour of batter. The skins were crisp and every bite resounded with an audible crunch.

Pork loin kass – Japanese style fresh breadcrumbed meats served with rice, miso soup, cabbage salad and homemade sauce $16

Apart from the KFC, we also shared the katsu pork loin, tofu salad and bibimbap. The fried pork was a touch dry but its cold dipping sauce of sweetened worchestershire helped. The salad came with pan-fried tofu, simple and delicious. I shrugged at the bibimbap. I’m biased towards Darac’s bibimbap, and hence I can’t give Kass Kass the thumb’s up. I also have to point out that the usual Korean appetisers of kimchi, seasoned bean sprouts, sweetened potato etc. weren’t offered that evening, which is, hmm, unusual.

Bibimbap $15

There you have it. A simple girls’ night out of music, singing, good food and fried chicken is one of the many ways to my heart.


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  1. cltyw

    I wasn’t impressed with Gami KFC too! Got to give this a try.

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