Scarvelli Cafe

Scarvelli Café
143 Whitehorse Road
Vic 3103 +61 3 9816 8887
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I met fellow food blogger and brunch lover Winnie (EatPlayShop) sometime in early March. We were gonna do a brunch date a whole year ago but never got round to settling on a suitable date. We locked in a Sunday and met at Winnie’s local, Scarvelli.


Scarvelli is located along Whitehorse Road, a couple blocks from the very popular Snow Pony. The former has the layout similar to that of a house, with living room, dining room and courtyard available to diners. It is more spacious than the latter, making family outings (especially with Bubs) a whole heap easier for Winnie.

(Left) Lindt hot chocolate $5
(Right) Prana chai latte $3.80

We started off with warm drinks: tea for Winnie, Lindt hot chocolate for the Angmoh and Prana soy chai for myself. The milky drinks were exactly that, milky.

Dukkah eggs – crumbed poached eggs, cauliflower puree, pomegranate, pinenuts, sautéed spinach $17.50

The food menu does a fancy take on brunch fare, think espresso mascarpone on banana bread or pomegranate with dukkah-crumbed eggs. The Angmoh, who is a sucker for dukkah eggs, and is also the very reason why we chose Scarvelli (after seeing a picture of said eggs on Winnie’s Instagram), was impressed by the crumbed poached eggs. They were coated by just the right amount of dukkah and were cooked perfectly to bleed a stream of runny brilliant yellow yolk. Amongst the generous serve of creamy rich cauliflower puree were pinenuts and pomegranate. This dish oddly doesn’t come with bread, which I think is quite necessary to mop up the soft textures of both poached egg and cauliflower.

Cured ocean trout – house cured trout, pickled radish, cucumber, fresh dill, horseradish crème fraiche $16.50

Winnie chose from the lunch menu and had an extremely healthy, carb-free meal of house-cured trout on a bed of radish and cucumber ribbons. While each element was lovely, there was an overall dryness that the dollop of crème fraiche failed to overcome. Winnie wished for a drizzle of citrusy dressing.

Smashed avocado – Persian feta, roasted vine tomatoes on your choice of toast $15
Add poached egg $3

My smashed avo had a nice balance of feta crumbled into the thick green pulpy spread. It was very nice but would be better with a squeeze of lemon or lime. Scarvelli is a great brunch location for Balwyn folks where options are few and far. It gives Snow Pony a run for their money with its creative menu and capacity to seat more diners.


By the way, thanks Winnie, for your gift of citrus meringue coconut tarts, they were delish and I gobbled down 2 that afternoon! Can’t wait to brunch again with you soon!


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  1. Thanks so much for having brunch with me, it was awesome to finally meet you! (Just catching up on blog reading now as I’ve spent the last week watching my first Korean TV series, hahaha, so time consuming but addictive!!) And thank you so much for your goodies from Lune Croissant, they were so delicious and I am cursing that I live so far away!! Can’t wait to brunch again with you guys!

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