Three Bags Full

Three Bags Full
Corner Nicholson Street and Mollison Street
+61 3 9421 2732
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The Angmoh and I met for the very first time at Three Bags Full 2 years ago. I’d arrived early, in my white and red summer frock and was seated right by the window, overlooking the traffic along Nicholson Street. And then he appeared, blond and blue-eyed only enhanced by the pale blue T-shirt that he wore. Who knew that we’d hit it off that very morning, brunching and chatting over two hours and that we would have made it seven hundred and thirty-three days later. Not me, certainly, for I, cynical and jaded about introductions and small talk, almost backed out that very morning.


The Angmoh and I made it back to Three Bags Full just last Saturday. Long forgotten were the polite sips and dainty nibbles, now replaced by hangry mouthfuls and fork-poking. I do refer to myself, of course.

(Top) Piccolo latte $3.50
(Bottom) Magic $3.50

We were seated rather niftily for a weekend peak hour, snagging the corner seats of the communal table in the main room. Many things haven’t changed, like the chairs made out of re-used metal signs, or the decadent cheesecake brownie, which I’d spied on as soon as we were ushered in. The Angmoh ordered a magic and I had the piccolo latte. The house blend is known as “Major Blazer” which had a lovely balance between cocoa and fruity flavours.

big breakkie
Big breaky – eggs anyway on toast, Istra bacon, grilled tomato, roasted mushrooms, pork & fennel sausage, spinach and relish $19

There were no “which movies do you like” or “what music do you listen to” questions that Saturday. He scrolled on his phone, reading on IT geek-sh**, while I stalked my friends on Facebook. There was comfortable silence, with the occasional brush on the arm.

Sweet potato and carrot fritters with a fried egg, goats curd, grilled haloumi, witlof, pomegranate, apple and herb salad $17

As soon as our food was set down, I could snap away as I pleased, while he waited, patiently. 2 years ago, it was mushrooms on toast for myself and a customised breakfast of poached eggs, bacon and avocado for him. This time round, he had the big breakfast, and I chose sweet potato and carrot fritters from the lunch menu. The big breakfast was a platter of all the essential breakfast elements. While it may not have looked pretty, it certainly tasted fantastic. My dish too, did not disappoint. The fritters were not gluggly and the flavours of sweet vegetable, creamy goats cheese, squeaky salty haloumi, zesty apple and juicy bursts of pomegranate made every bite a delicious multi-faceted swallow.

single originTBF 3
Magic: Single origin “Primaveral” Colombia $3.50

The Angmoh finished off his brunch with a second coffee. This time, it was a single origin from Columbia which was super light, smooth and creamy. I held back, surprisingly, and restrained myself, neither having the famed cheesecake brownie nor the chocolate cupcake. Both, I guarantee, are excellent and perhaps, next year come April 8, we may find ourselves back at Three Bags Full.


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