Lemon, Middle & Orange

Lemon, Middle & Orange
25-31 Rokeby Street
Vic 3066
+61 3 9415 1593
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Concealed in the most unexpected area of Collingwood, Lemon Middle & Orange is an Irish-inspired café with, in my honest opinion, the one of the simplest and yet hardest three words to remember. I’ve referred to it as lemon lime and middle, Fakebooo has called it LMAO, and The Angmoh lemon lime and bitters.


The layout is gorgeous. I felt my heart going pitty patty from the unique spacious entrance, the handsome corridor of seats and the very sleek communal table with its gravid abundance of lemons.


Fakebooo, Fakebooobooo and myself visited first and I was so impressed with the café and its food, I dragged The Angmoh back for a repeat brunch.


The menu spots items such as soda bread, colcannon and black pudding, which are common on an Irish menu. Ever keen to try the colcannon, I managed to get it as a side with poached eggs on soda bread, thanks to the extremely friendly and helpful Korean waitress and kitchen staff. I was expecting more cabbage in the potato mix but it was still simple and lovely.

Waffles with caramelized banana puree, Jock’s vanilla ice-cream, crispy bacon banana chips $15.50

Poached [chicken] eggs, green beans, peas, pancetta, sourdough crotons $16

House hot smoked plum cured Tasmanian salmon, potato latkes, poached eggs, fennel, horseradish crème fraiche $17.50

The other dishes that we’ve tried are the banana waffles with bacon, the green bean salad with poached egg and the smoked salmon with fennel salad. The green beans usually comes with duck egg but the kitchen had run out that particular morning, and substituted with 2 poached chicken eggs instead. The winning dish turned out to be the salmon dish. The fish was excellent with a lovely smokey flavour and sat atop crispy fluffy potato latkes. I loved the shaved fennel, it provided a refreshing contrast to other dense elements of the dish.

(Top left) Magic $3.80
(Bottom right) Hot chocolate $4

While Lemon, Middle & Orange excels foodwise, both visits served up coffees scaldingly hot and typically harsh as I’ve found with beans from Clarke Street Roasters. I loved how my hot chocolate came with latte art, tastewise, however, was pretty ordinary.

piccolo latte
Piccolo latte $3.80

Lemon, Middle & Orange is a great newcomer to the brunch scene. Located in café-dense Collingwood, it offers a different take on the ubiquitous brunch menu and its delicious food is bound to please any brunch-goer with a jaded palate.


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