MoPho Noodle Bar

MoPho Noodle Bar
1A/7 Yarra Street
South Yarra Vic 3141
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The Angmoh and I found ourselves wandering around South Yarra after watching a live taping of Channel Ten’s Are You Paying Attention. The show’s much better during the filming and we were disappointed by how much was cut out when we watched it on the telly the following day. My appetite for poultry was stimulated from the verbal insults between Tom Gleisner and Glenn Robbins in regard to their manhood.


MoPho was a quick escape from the drizzling rain, a stone’s throw from the Como Centre where the taping took place. I love the portrait of the panda in faux crane stance but, surprisingly, the restaurant had nothing bad-ass about it. It was quiet that night, despite being a Saturday evening. There’s plenty of dark tones softened by the rolls of banners amidst the ceiling.


MoPho’s menu offers dry, soup and salad noodles, with most of the items having a fusion twist. My chicken noodle soup came with a clear broth, decorated with 2 bunny ears of bokchoy leaves. For a dish that is typically meant to cleanse and soothe the soul, this was unfortunately a letdown. The soup lacked depth, the chicken was poached in an overtly sweet stock and a more generous serve of healthy greens could be offered.

Shredded chicken, spring onion, sesame seeds, chilli oil, egg noodle $15

The Angmoh, on the other hand, ordered a tasty winner. The fried hokkien noodles were full of wok hei and the pork was crisp and delicious. There was a confident sprinkle of chilli that went well with the sweet sauce. I didn’t quite like the sweetness of the dish but it did suit The Angmoh.

Hokkien noodle, slow roast pork belly, oyster mushrooms, broccoli stems, chilli and garlic $17

There were plenty of takeaway orders that night and I imagine MoPho to be quite pleasing for the local (angmoh) neighbourhood palate.



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4 responses to “MoPho Noodle Bar

  1. winstonthehungryexcavator

    Oh man, too bad the pho wasn’t as good as hoped. Still giving me pho cravings, though! Will ask Mum and see if she wants to go for Pho tmr =). Hey, least the hokkien mee is good =)

  2. Ohhh! Its sad that you were disappointed with both the dishes at Mopho. But Hokkien noodle dish looks tasty. Visiting MoPho seems a good place to keep oneself warm with its hot soups servings.

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