85 High Street
Vic 3070
+61 3 9481 7623
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Barry, Barry, Barry… You have captured my heart with your beautiful interiors, the tall ceilings, the distressed white bricks, the contrasting bold black chairs and shelves. And you have certainly captured my tummy with your delicious coffees and food. Better yet, you offer both eatable and drinkable forms of my all-time favourite must-have: peanut butter.

(Top) Piccolo latte [single origin] $4.30
(Right) Magic $3.80

The first time I visited with the Boos, I had coffee. Your magic made from 5 Senses beans was chocolatey and full of nutty flavours. Your piccolo latte, featuring a single origin from Alice Estate of Brazil had a deep cocoa richness with faded into a surprising fruity end.

(Left) Portobello and enoki mushroom omelette, havarti cheese, truffled hazelnuts, toast $16.50
(Right) Calmer sutra soy chai $4.50

And your food, oh Lord, your food. The omelette, blanketing earthy mushrooms and stretchy cheese, was in a heady truffle aroma that made me sigh like a forlorn lovesick damsel. Fatbooo’s freekeh salad was so healthy and zesty, it just left a tinglingly good feeling licking up every bite of wholesome bouncy grain. The salad looked so good, I felt there was a life-affirming aura resonating from it that negated every be-damned calorie from FatBoooBooo’s brioche. Although that brioche, sweetened by halva and scented with roses, was another maiden’s dream come true.

Cucumber and gin cured ocean trout, freekeh, roasted cauliflower, pomegranate, coriander, shredded kale, soft boiled egg $17.50

Brioche, pistachio mascarpone, rose scented raspberries, halva $15.50

Barry, you left my virgin experience complete and satiated, but at the same time, with a hungry need to return that had to be fulfilled soon enough. And so I dragged The Angmoh along hoping that he would be inspired and learn how to please me in this ever so delicious manner. With Cookie Monster out of town, her other half Hughey B came along to pick up a thing or two as well, just not the ungodly number of flies or the long awaiting time.

Cappucino $3.80

That Saturday Barry, I had the peanut butter hot chocolate. It was rich and thick and oh so good. The boys settled for a cappuccino and a magic. They don’t know what they’re missing out, do they?

coffee and hot choc
(Top) Magic $3.80
(Bottom) Mork hot chocolate $4, Add peanut butter $0.50

Hughey B had the scrambled eggs while The Angmoh had a smashed avocado bruschetta. I could go on about how moist the scrambled eggs were, or how generous and fresh the avocado was, but why should I, when I need to devote words to my dish. Crumpets, mulled berries and white chocolate ganache. Mmm, it was soulful. The crumpets were crisp and they cushioned a crown of spiced winey mushy berries. And around that was a lush lake of dreamy white chocolate sauce, beautifully speckled with petite dots of vanilla bean.

scrambled eggsbruschetta
(Left) Scrambled red chilli eggs, julienne bacon, spring onion, parsley, parmesan, toast $16.50
(Right) Char-grilled bruschetta, crushed avocado, mint, chilli, lime, manchego, seeds $16

Dr. Marty’s crumpets, mulled wine berries, white chocolate + vanilla ganache, sweet herb salad $16

Barry, if only we weren’t a freeway apart. Don’t worry, I’ll be back for that hunger will once again need satisfying.




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4 responses to “Barry

  1. Good grief, those crumpets look divine. I’m feeling incredibly disappointed with my cold peanut butter toast right now.

  2. I was just blogging about Barry and came here to link it to your blog, as you’re the one who suggested I try Barry out, and here’s your blog post on it!! I think I will have to try the peanut butter hot chocolate next time I’m there!

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