Tom Toon Thai Noodle Cafe

Tom Toon Thai Noodle Café
241 Victoria Parade
Vic 3067
+61 3 9417 7447
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I befriended Spot through Instagram. She’s a true foodie and even hails from my hometown in S’pore. We got together to partake in a favourite hobby of our brethren: food.

Chang beer, Thai iced milk tea

Tom Toon Noodle Café is located towards the Hoddle Street end of Victoria Street, where the Thai eateries have congregated, away from the endless Vietnamese offerings further east. The Angmoh tagged along that night, not wanting to miss out on spicy gut-warming Thai food.

Som tum korat – sliced green papaya with dried shrimp, salted crab, tomato, chilli, fish sauce, pickled mud fish, lime and palm sugar $9.90

Food comes quick and all at once. We chose the papaya salad with crab, not knowing that it’d come with shells intact! I wasn’t sure how to approach the ingredient and would love to know if it’s meant to be consumed, shell and all, or chewed delicately, allowing the flavours to ooze out. Nevertheless, the papaya was zingy and refreshing, with a slow creeping heat lurking under all that balanced flavour.

Pud gopoa – crispy pork stir fried with chilli, garlic, fresh basil, capsicum, green bean and onion $9.90

Our other favourite dish that evening was the stir-fried crispy pork. It was sliced finely and fried well with a brittle crust, adding texture and fatty pork flavour to the basil and vegetables.

(Top) Steamed rice $2 pax
(Bottom) Tom yum soup with chicken $7.90

The rest of the dishes were alright. I was extremely disappointed with the tom yum soup, although Spot happily slurped up every last drop. I thought it tasted like the instant ready-made paste that I currently have in my fridge. Another gripe, not to be greedy, but portions leant to the small side.

(Left) Goong ob mo din – King prawns cooked in clay pot with aromatic ginger, onion and bean thread noodle $16.90
(Right) Pud khing – beef stir fried with ginger, onion, snow peas, carrot, fish sauce and red capsicum $9.90

I was once told by a prominent Thai food blogger that broccoli does not come from Thailand, and hence should never been found in Thai cuisine. While it is present in the food at Tom Toon Café, it does not change the fact the dishes from Tom Toon were flavourful and pleasant. During our dinner we spied on other diners and will be keen to return to try the whole deep fried fish and the boat noodles.


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One response to “Tom Toon Thai Noodle Cafe

  1. Felicia

    Hahaha! I love Spot! What an ingenious secret identity 😉 The stir frypork was the best dish for me and definitely agree that the portions are too tiny, I think Ying Thai 2 at Lygon gives the biggest portions but their food standard varies from day to day but some dishes are not too bad. Looking forward to Sunday! Its gonna be the highlight of my week haha.

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