Puck Specialty Coffee

Puck Specialty Coffee
87 Palmerston Crescent
South Melbourne
Vic 3205
+61 3 9699 2241
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I am truly lucky to be surrounded by a collection of excellent coffee shops. The tough decision to make is which place to visit? Amongst Dead Man Espresso, Clement, Balderdash, The Petty Officer, Magic Espresso, Giddiup and Chez Dre, making up my mind can be a toughie. And now, there’s yet another to add to this list!

(Left) – Piccolo latte
(Right) – Magic

Puck Specialty Coffee is located away from the bustling Clarendon Street and South Melbourne Market. Situated in a residential area towards Albert Park Lake, Puck looks like your typical neighbourhood no-frills café. But this is where looks can be deceiving, for Puck dishes up some dee-li-cious coffee.

Piccolo latte (single origin)

Fakebooo, The Angmoh and I met up, with The Sausage insisting to be a part of that morning’s gathering as well. We quickly got started with coffees from Proud Mary. The Lone Ranger house blend is fruity, rounded and extremely lovely. Fakebooo’s single origin was zesty and I picked up subtle notes of apple and melons.

(Left) Poached eggs on sourdough rye toast $8.50, Add salmon $4.50
(Right) Smashed Avo – herbed avocado smash with lemon on sourdough rye, Add 2 poached eggs $14.50

The menu offers decent and typical brunch fare from muesli to poached eggs on toast to sandwiches. The Angmoh needs his protein and had poached eggs with a side of smoked salmon. Fakebooo went vego with smashed avo and added eggs to his meal. I had a buttery breakfast of toasted croissant with ham, cheese and tomato.

Croissant with ham, cheese and tomato $8.50

The food, while nothing to shout about, is simple, pleasant and satisfying. The coffee is something I’d definitely return for. So if you’ve had enough with the crowds and queues at the cafes around South Melbourne Market, hit up the Puck.


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