Auction Rooms

Auction Rooms
103-107 Errol Street
North Melbourne
Vic 3051
+61 3 9326 7749
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Auction Rooms is one of Melbourne’s top brunch spots. Sporting a legend of a reputation, queues on the weekend can extend to a good two hour long wait. The Angmoh and I were fortunate to get a table for 2 on a Saturday morning after a mere 15 minutes.


Auction Rooms is a veteran amongst refurbished warehouse cafes, being one of the earlier incarnations of the now commonplace design approach. The café has faded brick, a coffee brew bar, a sheltered courtyard dining space and a stunning dining space.

Skinny magic $4

The Angmoh had a skinny magic, made from houseblend Small Batch beans. I find the Small Batch blend tricky to work with, with other cafes producing an astringent, harsh coffee. But at Auction Rooms…it is utterly delicious. My eggpresso was not too shabby either, mixing eggnog, a shot of espresso and a hit of brandy all into a scrumptious cuddly warm drink. Topped with nougat and cinnamon sugar, it was the perfect mulled beverage for a cold winter day. It had a quintessentially Christmasy feel to it, making it a highly appropriate addition for any Christmas-in-July festivities!

Egg-spresso-nog – Brandy eggnog made with Candyman and served with nougat $6

The menu has changed slightly, with previous items such as “The Open Bid” missing. Sides, also known as side bids, are kept minimal but fancied up. There’s no bacon or smashed avo, but instead, there is coffee glazed bacon steak and avocado with a smear of lemon tahini, which is what The Angmoh chose to accompany his poached eggs on toast. His eggs were poached perfectly and he loved how the bacon steak was tender with a sweet caramelised crisp.

Two poached eggs on sourdough $9.50
Add maple & coffee glaze bacon steak $5.50
Add sliced avocado with lemon tahini dressing $5.50

As for myself, I was lured by the words “fried poached egg”. How is that even possible? And paired with beetroot, I was sold. The beets came raw and pickled, providing a sweet and tart contrast respectively. The egg had the thickness of a poached egg but with the fried surfaces flat and crisp. The pesto of beet leaves and macadamia nuts was a brilliant and inspiring blend, somthing I look forward to replicating in my kitchen.

Roasted & shaved raw beetroot salad with beet leaf/macadamia pesto, wild sorrel, garlic crisps and a fried slow-poached egg $15

I’ve always left Auction Rooms with a smile on my face and this visit was no different. Chirpy and perhaps slightly buzzed from the spiked eggnog, I had typed in silly notes such as “beet still my beeting heart”. Auction Rooms is a definite crowd pleaser, offering top-notch coffee and marvellous food.


On a side note, I couldn’t leave North Melbourne without paying a visit to another of my favourite places, Beatrix. I fluttered and skipped my way to the little café and took off with 2 treats: Meyer lemon chiffon cake and sour cream doughnut. I may have devoured both treats in that very weekend and yes, they were no doubt heavenly.




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6 responses to “Auction Rooms

  1. LOL… my eyes nearly popped out when I saw that Ang Moh ordered a SKINNY coffee!!

    I tend to look at Auction Rooms with a bit of healthy skepticism because of its busy crowds. But the place delivers. The menu is pretty unique indeed, with good coffees and it’s a 3min stroll from Fatbee’s! We come here on weekdays where there’s less of a crowd.

  2. Ahhhh haven’t been back for ages and I want to go more but the silly Boy won’t take me here 😦

  3. Happy to hear you always have a good experience at Auction Rooms. My parents and I were a little underwhelmed but it might’ve been an off day and I definitely wouldn’t mind coming back to try it again. Heading to Beatrix after is such a great idea!

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