Pidapipó Gelateria
222 Faraday Street
Carlton Vic 3053
+61 3 9347 4596
Pidapipó on Urbanspoon
(now closed)


This year, it seems that my must-have dessert is gelato. I used to settle for cakes or pastries as a sweet satisfaction but nowadays I find myself craving cold creamy lick-a-licious ice cream or gelato. My favourites so far are Spring Street Grocer, N2 Gelato, Helados Jauja and Jocks. In my fussy opinion, the ice cream must capture the real, essential taste of the ingredient and the only way of achieving this is by using the actual ingredient itself. That means real fruit or nuts and a big no no to extracts, chemicals and any other fake sh*t.


Pidapipó is the latest addition of gelato shops to Melbourne’s Little Italy and the gelato there is truly sublime. When visiting for the first time it got me hooked immediately. I was back within the week and again the following. My 3rd visit had me leaving with a takeaway tub, for nights of TV indulgence, emotional comfort or just why-the-hell-not.

(Left) 2 Scoop – Fior di Latte, Crema Rhubarb Vincotto Swirl $6
(Right) 1 Scoop – Chocolate $4

Bestie Yaps is a huge ice cream fan. She loves it so much, she had a scoop (or two) every day when she was in Italy. I introduced her to Pidapipo when she visited late last month. She had the Nutella swirl and concurred that it was pretty damn good.

1 Scoop Nutella Swirl $4

So far, I’ve tried pistachio, fior di latte, chocolate, rhubarb swirl and watermelon. All of them are great and no doubt, I’ll be back to try other flavours.




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2 responses to “Pidapipó

  1. Ommmggg, looks amazing!! The nutella swirl looks sooo delicious!

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