8Bit, Humburger

2013 had me compiling a list of burger eats but there’s no such thing as being burger-ed out. Early this year, I was exposed to Fat Bob’s. Located towards the bayside region, it hit the jack pot being named in The Age’s Top 10 Burgers. I had to check out the fuss of course and oh yea, it sure was awesome.

8 Droop Street
Vic 3011
+61 3 9687 8838
8bit. on Urbanspoon


I now add in 2 more burger hits to my growing, don’t-think-will-ever-end compilation. First up, 8Bit caused quite a stir when it first opened doors. I heard down the Instagram grapevine that they’d sold out for lunch on a weekday. My ears shot up, my tummy grumbled and when I discovered that it was located in Footscray, I zipped across the West Gate Bridge faster than Roadrunner chirping out “Beep Beep”. Burgers, in Footscray?! Now this is a first!


I visited on a Thursday smack at lunch time and a queue had developed. As I stood in line deliberating my choices, I checked out the bistro. The open kitchen allows any sticky beak to perve into the grilling actions happening, while the main dining space consists of colourful tables and chairs contrasted against the stark grey floor. There is even a comfortable couch present for those awaiting takeaway.

After Burner
After Burner – Beef, tomato, red onion, lettuce, cheese, chilli sauce, jalapenos, chipotle mayo $9.50

I do love my burgers spicy and ordered the After Burner, complete with jalapenos and spicy mayo. I almost asked for the chilli cheese fries but got lured by the peanut butter shake instead. If only I had the metabolism of a teenage boy…

Peanut butter milkshake $6.50

The burger comes half-wrapped, propped up sideways in a container, standing longitudinally. The heat was detectable but I found the salt levels a little on the heavy side. The patty was also over cooked and turned out a tad firm. The milkshake was sweet and powdery but had the perfect amount of thickness.


I didn’t really agree with nearby patrons about the orgasmic feeling they’d experienced with their burger but 8Bit is a great introduction to a suburb of ingeras, phos and banh mis. Oh and do have a go at the arcade game at the back of the bistro, in all its 8-bit glory.

789 Glenferrie Road
Vic 3122
+61 3 9818 3881
Humburger on Urbanspoon

2 weeks later, I met up with The Angmoh during his lunch break at Hawthorn. We decided to stray off the $10 cheap Asian meals and take a stab at Humburger. Humburger is situated on the Barker Street-side of Glenferrie Road. Don’t let the small entrance and counter seats fool you, the bistro boasts a lovely courtyard and a large communal table.


Once again I chose the option of a spicy burger while The Angmoh had himself the basic, with added caramelised onion and bacon. We waited at the communal table with the company of 3 female foodies, initially in an animated discussion of dumplings (we were shamelessly eavesdropping) that quickly turned to cries of thankful moans as soon as they bit into their burgers. One was so enthusiastic that she immediately picked up her phone to notify a mate that she was having the best burger somewhere in Hawthorn.

Melbournian – Beef, spicy mayo, jalapenos, tomato, lettuce, onion, chunky garden mayo $11.50

Our burgers were set down before us and I oohed at all its prettiness: the golden buns studded with brown flaxseeds, the crisp green lettuce and the charred patty. Photo-taking done, we took a mouthful, only to turn to each other in silent amazement. It was incredible. The buns were soft and buttery sweet, and the patty, made from grass-fed Angus, was cooked to a rare perfection and dripping non-stop. The seasoning of the patty was just right though I could use more heat in my burger.

The Hum – Beef, cheddar, pickles, mustard, mayo/tomato sauce $9
Add caramelised onion $2
Add bacon $2

Having consumed the calories burned in the morning’s 8km run, I had to forgo milkshakes and sundaes. But I’ll be back, for there is the ‘peanut butter cup’, a concoction of ice cream, peanut brittle and crumbled brownies that has my name written all over it



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6 responses to “8Bit, Humburger

  1. Aaaah now I gotta add humburgs and fat bobs to my list. The Melburnian looks amazing indeed, juicy and drippy… mmmm !!

    I must say the whole setting of 8bit looks so cute and appealing, in that run down Vietnamese building with all the cute menu names, pity it wasn’t that great when you went.

  2. Ah damn, that peanut butter cup sounds amazing – not to mention the burgers! I’ll have to put them on my to-eat list…

  3. Now that we are home owners, we shall live vicariously through you 🙂

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