The Fair Foodstore

The Fair Foodstore
135 Church Street
Vic 3121
+61 3 9429 6008
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The Angmoh and I have a Sunday morning ritual. He rows early in the morning and I run from home to the rowing club to meet him just as he’s about to finish. Depending on the weather, the Sausage will come along for the exercise. From there, we head to Prahran for Market Lane Coffee.

piccolo lattemagic
(Left) Piccolo latte $3.80
(Right) Magic $3.80

One Sunday morning, however, we changed it up a little. The Angmoh had coffee at MLC the day before when I was at work, hmpf! So when Sunday arrived, we head straight to brunch, having left the Sausage at home.

Magic $3.80

I have driven past Fair Foodstore many a time on my way to physio, and everytime I went by I noticed it was pretty busy. That morning, due to our early start to the day, we were seated straight away at the communal table.

“Banoffee” organic crumpets with salted caramel, cream and banana $15

The space of Fair Foodstore is unique in that the main counter has split into 2 sections, allowing a spacious corridor in-between to lead to the kitchen. The counter on the left showcases baked goods for the day, including sandwiches, muffins and madeleines. A shiny coffee machine sits on the right counter with the available beans and brews chalked into the board up on the wall. The Angmoh liked the scenes of New York City interspersed around the café.


Our coffees were brewed from Bathysphere beans, with my piccolo latte initially tasting biscuity-light but deepened to a cocoa bitterness. For breakfast, I was torn between having the healthy option of smashed peas on pumpkin toast and going decadent with bananas and salted caramel on organic crumpets. Well, I settled for the latter. Fruit, tick. Dairy, tick. Preservative-and-chemical-free wholesome breakfast staple, tick. The salted caramel was more dulce de leche and watching it bubble up when cutting into the crumpets made my heart go pitty pat. The fresh cream was speckled with vanilla and whipped into an airy consistency, giving the entire dish a much needed lightness. Topped with crunchy banana chips, it was a winner of a breakfast dish alright.

Braised winter greens on toast with almonds, egg and ricotta salata $17
Add poached egg $3

The Angmoh went vegetarian with braised winter veg and poached eggs on toast. He was initially weirded out by the squiggly white bits all over his dish but gave a huge sigh of relief when I told him it was just grated cheese. The broccoli, cooked lovingly and slowly, was tender and flavourful. It went perfectly with the almonds, poached eggs and ricotta and for once, I had brunch envy over The Angmoh’s dish. My only gripe was that the toast had been slathered with too much butter, although most will argue there’s no such thing as too much butter.

Breakfast at Fair Foodstore was excellent and filling. I’d eyed a gorgeous golden lemon tart and was hoping to have a slice but my bananas on crumpets left me close to bursting. Looks like a repeat breakfast at Fair will have to be done soon enough.



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2 responses to “The Fair Foodstore

  1. Haha your Sunday rituals with The Angmoh is so sporty and healthy… and how does he go rowing in the middle of freezing winter?

    So diffrent to fatbee and me, he finishes work, we makan, then go home and sleep AGAIN!

  2. Aaah I love the Fair Foodstore! Those crumpets look amazing, have to try them next time. 🙂

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