Oscar Mike, Cherry & Twigs, Brother Baba Budan

As much as I love coffee, fortunately I’ve never been addicted to the stuff. Unfortunately though, I’m getting more sensitive to it. Previously I used to be able to down a cuppa and fall asleep just with the snap of my fingers but now the caffeine stays in my system, leaving me wired like a Duracell-powered bunny. Nowadays, my already minimal caffeine intake has been reduced to almost non-existent. And because of this, whenever I go out for coffee, I have to make sure it is bloody good. So in that vein, here are 3 places I’ve recently tried that have had the goods:

Oscar Mike
Don Arcade
Shop 9
672 Glenferrie Road
Vic 3122
+61 431 248 302
Oscar Mike on Urbanspoon


Oscar Mike sits on a narrow alleyway off the hectic street of Glenferrie Road. It’s quiet, it’s cosy and it’s warm, perfect for ducking away for a private moment to yourself. The brew is by 5 senses, one of my favourites and my skinny magic arrived intense and punchy, with the expected dark cocoa flavours. Food is simple and I had no complaints about my ham and cheese toastie. The peanut butter cookie that I took away was crunchy and not too sweet, a perfect snack to satisfy a mid-day peckishness.


(Left) Magic with ham and cheese toastie $6.40
(Right) Peanut butter choc chip cookie $2.80

Oscar Mike is an excellent option for those in need of a pleasant caffeine fix or a bite to eat, with the option to linger just a little longer.

Cherry & Twigs
Shop 1B
555 Flinders Lane
Vic 3000
+61 3 9614 7096
Cherry & Twigs on Urbanspoon


The Angmoh and I hardly venture into the city on the weekends. Brunch options are limited and come with a price of queuing a good hour or so. However, one Saturday, we decided to give the CBD a go and strolled along the Yarra hand-in-hand.

Magic $3.50

Our destination was Cherry and Twigs, which Fakebooo had recently mentioned and had me itching to check out. As soon as we arrived, I was instantly charmed. The soft amber lights cast a warm hue onto the treated wood and the tan tree on the wall lightened the café with a slight whimsical feel.

Piccolo latte $3.50

The coffee was sensational. Symmetry beans from The Maling Room is used and the coffees were beautiful, with a rich rounded creamy roll on the palate, finished with dark tones of honeyed macadamia nuts.

I highly recommend that Cherry and Twigs be on your “where to have coffee in the CBD” list.

Brother Baba Budan
359 Little Bourke Street
Vic 3000
Brother Baba Budan on Urbanspoon


Last but not least is Brother Baba Budan, a classic Melbournian hangout. It’s in a laneway, it’s teeny-tiny, there’s no obvious signage and the coffee is heaven-sent. Easily recognisable by the jigsaw mess of hanging chairs, BBB is the little sister of Seven Seeds. The beans are light and lean towards the floral side and each cup is consistently made with love, care and precision.

Piccolo latte

So there you have it, three spectacular cafes that churn out some bloody good coffees!



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2 responses to “Oscar Mike, Cherry & Twigs, Brother Baba Budan

  1. I’ve been searching for more decent coffee places in the CBD so I’ll have to check out Cherry & Twigs! I agree Brother Baba Budan do a great coffee – but it’s hard to get a seat (that is on the ground…)


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