Shop 6
672 Glenferrie Road
Vic 3122
+61 422 782 988
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Every once in a blue moon, The Angmoh pulls a rabbit out of a hat and suggests a new eating place to check out. An eating place that even I am not aware of! So one of my RDOs, I made my way to Hawthorn and joined him for lunch.


Marumeru is everything kawaii. The name, the pale yellow and white fit out and the scattering of dinosaurs that overlook the café. The menu pays homage to Japanese street food, with takoyaki and okonomiyaki, and for the sweet-tooths: Japanese crepes with an assortment of sweet flavours.

Takoyaki original octopus (4 pieces) $5.30

Both takoyaki and okonomiyaki offer a variety of fillings and we decided to have octopus for the former and beef, cheese and potato for the latter. I suspect both dishes stem from the same batter and both are truly delicious and well-cooked. The takoyaki brings back memories of high school when the fad first appeared in Singapore, resulting in long queues of uniform-clad students awaiting these crisp lush balls. Marumeru’s version is spectacular. The batter has a faint taste of Japanese curry and hides a morsel of fresh crunchy octopus. The topping of wavy bonito flakes, spring onion and finely julienned ginger complete the dish.

Okonomiyaki marumeru – seasoned beef, potato, cheese $10.90

The okonomiyaki is also very good and definitely one of the better ones in Melbourne. The batter is far from soggy and the odd combination of cheese and beef and potatoes work really well together. I would have preferred for it to have sat just a tad longer on the hot plate to crisp up slightly more.

Although we were too full to order dessert, I still had to peek at what was available. There’s simple options of Nutella or strawberry and gourmet mouth-watering ones with snickers and even durian! You can definitely bet on it that I’ll be back!



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3 responses to “Marumeru

  1. Love the okonomiyaki there although I agree mine needed a little crisping up on the edges. Hate soggy ones!

  2. Nice one, Mr Ang Moh! The name of this resto is so cute. Reminds me of the cartoon Mashimaro. Not that I’ve watched it, but people used to be obsessed with it. Love a good okonomiyaki pancake. YUM

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