Gypsey & Musquito

Gypsey & Musquito
283 Bridge Road
Vic 3121
+61 3 9939 9314
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A couple months ago, I was approached by Eat The Globe to blog about a local eatery on their website. I thought I’d feature a place that proudly showcases the use of local and native ingredients, Gypsey and Musquito. Do check out their website for more international eats and here is my post:

I’d once solo-brunched at Gypsey and Musquito during my pre-blogging days. The café appeals to me, with its rustic cosy interiors, the use of native ingredients and just the overall simple charm of it all. That morning, I’d dined on baked eggs in tomato sugo, enriched with stretchy sharp cheese. It was a perfect breakfast that etched into my memory. I promised myself a re-visit soon enough.


Gypsey and Mosquito happened to be on Fakebooo’s wishlist and so, on one of our now far and few Wednesday threesome brunches, Fakebooo, Fakebooobooo and myself found ourselves seated on the café’s church pew bench, ready for a different kinda Aussie breakfast.

(Left) Housemade lemon myrtle iced tea – infused with mint & orange, & finished with sweet & tasty house made lemon myrtle syrup $7.50
(Right) Bluetongue lizard – crushed blueberries, cold pressed Preshafruit apple juice blended with minted goodness $7.50

Breakfast drinks consisted of cool and refreshing lemon myrtle tea and blueberry apple juice mocktail. It was a perfect way to cool off from the scorching Melbourne summer.

Raw Australian bush salad, green beans, snow peas and their tendrils, apples, carrots, sprouts, nuts, seeds, lilly pillies and native sea parsley pesto $15

Fakebooo, who had been on a health-conscious brunch streak, had his eye on yet another green number. The raw salad had a mix of sprouts, snow peas and shoots, green beans, carrots and leaves. It was dressed with pesto and the addition of nuts and seeds gave it a crunchy sweet earthiness.

Gypsey’s own house made crumpets, butter, ironbark maple syrup (Allow 15 minutes to freshly bake) $10

Fakebooobooo’s housemade crumpets had us sitting up and gasping in amazement. The 3 fluffy biscuits were fresh out of the oven with gentle curls of steam wafting up. Personally I thought the taste of bicarb was a tad too strong, but nothing a thick slather of butter and generous drizzle of honey couldn’t mask.

Gypseys’ granola, wattleseed, macadamias, bush berries and oat clusters, roasted in apple juice, poached fruit pure water buffalo yoghurt, Cradle Mountain honey drizzle $11

For myself, I was initially crestfallen that the crocodile burger was not available. I chose a more breakfasty dish of granola instead. It was lovely, with the aroma of maple syrup working nicely with native spices, offset by the tangy buffalo yoghurt.
Gypsey and Musquito is a great little brunch place. The use of native ingredients give a unique and different twist on typical brunch dishes. I’m bound to return and next time round, crocodile burger, you will not go uneaten!



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  1. Ooh sounds fabulous… now to add this to our Brunch Spots Wishlist!

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