49 Rathdowne Street
Vic 3053
+61 3 9036 4949
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I think I’m in love. With Epocha, that is. From the moment I stepped foot into the Victorian terrace and gasped at the rustic tiled tables and the antiquated mantels, my heart was stolen. And as the night progressed, each sip of wine, each deep inhalation, each bite and swallow made my heart skip a beat and had me drowning in a deep pool of heady intoxication.

(Left) Oyster (shucked to order) $4.50
(Right) Beetroot, goat’s curd, pecan, honey $16

Let’s start off with the bread, such a simple everyday staple and yet wrapped in pale muslin, it was dark and soft, with just a hint of sweet molasses to awaken the palate. Gentle spices of caraway and anise play peek-a-boo and the smear of house-churned butter had me closing my eyes in sheer enjoyment.

Mini crumpets, honeycomb $10

The next dish of crumpets was heaven-sent. Each little nugget was warm and steaming and the use of honeycomb made it extra special. I topped my share with more butter, honey and a quick drizzle of salt and popped it in whole. It was like waking up to golden sunshine spilling through the windows… I really could have this for breakfast every day.

(Left) Cote de Boeuf, 500g $66
(Right) Charred broccoli, roast garlic $9

The seamless marriage of rich goats curd and sweet beets had us ready for our main. The rib eye was perfectly cooked and each sliver of meat blushingly pink, full of flavour and oh so juicy. The accompanying bone marrow jus with subtle notes of currants from the red wine accentuated the entire experience.

dessert tray

A dessert tray is set down and my heart fell, just for an instant, when I was told I had to choose. “What do you mean I can’t have it all?” I wanted to yell and wail like a broken-hearted lovesick damsel. But ever composed, I picked a chocolate number to soothe my sorry heart. It consisted of a crunchy hazelnut base layered with a sweet dense chestnut marzipan paste and crowned with a smooth velvety chocolate mousse and intense ganache. It was chocolate bliss. The crème caramel was marvellous too, eggy and smooth in a moat of tangy citrus syrup.

(Top) Citrus crème caramel $12
(Bottom) Chocolate and chestnut $12

All good things must come to an end and as I bade Epocha farewell, my heart knew that this night wasn’t over. Epocha, I’ll be calling on you soon.


Oh and by the way, The Angmoh was there that night too but because his heart had already been captured by yours truly, he couldn’t quite fall in love the way I did. Still, he had a wondrous time.


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